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Personal device. I imagine if you're on a plan. Let's just say you're flying from San Francisco to Boston and that plane is filled with patriot fans and. Sore pipe across the country. That'd be awesome. By the way. I'm looking at some of these names on the all time tackles Lewis you. Of course. Sally Jessie tuggle Zach Thomas Derrick Brooks clay, Matthews hardy, Nickerson Donny Edwards. I mean, there's some great names on this list. Number two on that list. Then. Yeah. You are what twenty four or twenty four tackles behind Ray Lewis. That's it. I mean, I think you need to change his London Fletcher who is second all time on the tackles list here on behalf of United Airlines. You're going to tell people this. This has got to be a rallying cry now because you know, what I think what also will help you. If you have some some big names in your corner and shout, your name is the fact that a guy like you not that there aren't players like you playing today, but there's fewer of them how many guys in NFL locker room say what you said I didn't want to let my teammates down. It doesn't happen as much these days as as it did. So I think that, you know, your legend will continue to grow in the longevity and playing every single game as time goes on people are going to look back at your career and say, no guys like that. Just don't exist any wander. Yeah. I mean, especially, you know, it just I don't know. You know with just the way the game is now as far as how many guys would be able to play consecutive games things like that. But I I just I love playing football. I loved playing I love grinding in the meeting rooms, or or being in the film, you know, studying by myself trying to break down politics, whether it's gonna guess a Tom Brady or in the New England Patriots, or you know, some other unnamed quarterback making his first start, you know, undrafted. Whatever the case may be I treated every game the same way. And I just love playing the game looked.

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