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Options at your budget. And now. Right. Wait the lights are back on again. Trudy can you and now it's completely dark? Progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates. Pricing. Coverage match limited by state law. Sweet gun Chicago's best get ready for the face melting sweat inducing bellied burning but also tasty spicy Chicago's best spicy Sunday night at ten on WGN TD where to check the news with Roger a quick. And then what nine Chicago landmarks are in endanger, according to preservation, Chicago. Their executive director award Miller jumps on the vote doesn't just a minute. Let's check the headlines Roger two brothers who told police that empire. Actor Kelsey Snell that paid them thirty five hundred dollars to help stage an attack on himself say they regret their involvement in the incidents. Maleta is charged with making a false. Police report is attorneys say he's Edison school leaders and teachers in Oakland, California have reached a deal ten week long strike Oakland three thousand teachers walked off the job February twenty first to demand, higher pay smaller class sizes and more school resources. Teachers are expected to vote on the agreement this weekend. Twenty six year old Gabriel Vella Valladares who worked for Waukegan school district. Sixty was charged with grooming and sexually abusing thirteen year old girl. Police say the relationship had been fostered on online. He resigned from the district on Monday after working there for a year and a half, and he's on electronic monitoring. We'll check sports traffic and weather next on WGN looking to stand out from the pack your first job when you earn a master's in management from Georgetown. You'll gain the skills employers value most elevating your career prospects.

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