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The same for all vessels and include monthly fire drills one of the victims of the fire was thirty one year old Nicole keep this all of San Diego and for her family members right now it Lindbergh field it's partly cloudy in seventy four degrees AM seven sixty KFMB talking breaking news. CBS news update Dorian continues to move up the coast ever so slightly the category three hurricane has one hundred fifty mile per hour winds it's pushing toward a brush with the Carolinas as meteorologist Jack Jack came to Lucy with the national hurricane center says likely you roll right along or just east of the coastline of south in North Carolina during the day on Thursday and then be very close to the Outer Banks on Friday or early Friday and then zip off into the Atlantic the Bahamas will be reeling for months from Dorian's devastation it hovered over the islands for nearly two days prime minister Hubert Minnis says looting is becoming an issue heard the stories on the comments of using other disturbances Bahamian distressed. anyone. time for the defense for those affected by this tragedy CBS news update on math paper. M. seven sixteen KFMB. it part of the conversation call the shell Rotella the hotline eight six six nine zero seven three three three nine shell Rotella the internal oil that works as hard as you do hi dumbo dad seems everyone's into escape rooms were supposedly fun to solve clues or do math problems to get out personally I'd rather just open the door and leave. the motel six offers a less complicated room to escape to weather across the country or just across town and the only math you have to do is to see how much money it saves time Tombaugh death for motel six in you've got twenty minutes to.

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