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Okay, let's check the traffic and weather together thing. No pressure, But I am. I don't know about you passwords. Oh, my gosh. You know, when you log in to try and find information, what's your path? Your user? I d And your password? Oh, I don't know if I ever lose my phone. I'm dead. I'm dead and you know Funny thing that I was coming to work the other day, and I forgot my phone. I was like, two blocks away from work, and I went back and got it because you can't get into anything anymore without the verification code. You're right. I have done the exact same thing I've arrived at work and thought. Oh, man, no phone got to go back. You can't even get your email in the old days. You just see you know, email me, honey, or call me on the office, but nothing more gotta have it to survive. Okay. What are you doing here? We're gonna check the traffic for you. I wish I'd known and brought you by Sacramento Area Sewer district, and it has been a kind of a crazy day. You know, Usually it's been less traffic. But maybe with the opening up downtown of the split gonna be 10 minutes right now, and he's found 50, the eastbound Cap City connector. We have reports of another injury accident and it's gonna be two vehicles. In the number three and four lights there again. Eastbound to 50. They're saying just west of the Cap City eastbound otherwise split to Roseville. Eight minutes on eastbound 80. 12 minutes downtown l grove south on I 5 14 minutes to El Groban, 99 downtown to Folsom 20 Minute Drive 16 minutes after Woodland north and I five in about nine minutes to Davis on westbound 80. We are starting to clear up most of the roadways. The sewer system is probably the last thing on your mind. But if the Sacramento area sewer District it's their first priority that the region's largest sewer utility column Broad day or night at 916875 67 30 Learn more at sex. Com Traffic on the tens, every 10 minutes mornings and afternoons. Dana has news 93.1 kfbk. Thank you, Dina. And now let's take a look at our KFBK forecast. Increasing clouds expected for tonight will also see areas of late night fog Tonight will reach a low 42 44 that fog will continue into tomorrow morning..

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