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Bit and changing out the flavor, riser bars and things like that and happy to take those calls on that. Also, as we talk about humidity and drier air inside her home the dryer you can get the air inside your home. You don't want it to dry. But you can get good and dry. And, uh, you can usually raised that the air conditioning temperature and be just as comfortable. In other words, if you're running 74 degrees in 48%, you moody inside. You're probably pretty dog uncomfortable. You get into the 60% humidities and, uh, you probably that can be comfortable. Would 74 degrees maybe 1972 so, you know, work on temperature and we got to work on humidity. And happy to take those calls again. It's 808 to 38255 having said that. Let's get things started day and ran. Welcome. How are you? Hello, Gary. Always a pleasure to talk to you. And I always appreciate your good advice to two little things up here. Up here in northern I'd hold it. It's always keeping the water out. As you know, and I have a set of stairs that we built that's made out of the six by six pressure treated lumber, but interest in about five years ago, I started seeing some cracks in those stairs. I'm thinking about, uh It would probably be the best thing to fill those with its pressure treated wood. And, uh, yeah, yeah, I'll tell you what I used a product ID be absolutely perfect for this. Um, it's made by JB Weld. Um, you probably heard that name. It's It's Oh, yeah. Yeah. So they have one product called Quick would. It's an epoxy. Uh, wood filler Patch. Er, um, it's um Oh, I don't know, not a tube. It's like a little canister. If you.

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