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Covers talked about the fact that he and his ex wife had a domestic violence charitable foundation. Because she herself had been the victim of domestic violence wanted a previous relationship He has suggested in places where the things he'd learned from that organization. He sort of tried to apply. I think in this instance things like mediation and things like that when it was you know equitable situations. Obviously so I think he said well some of this was was trying to come from a good place and try to handle things in a good way and it was the wrong thing to do but it wasn't done maliciously or with criminal intent to where it was it was trying you to help things. It didn't right backfired and I think a sampled the former as outfielder Who somebody that I covered and respect a lot is very close friends with Kappler and he said the fact that this incident happened at all? Not The fact that it's been publicized that it's been a problem for him but the fact that this incident happened and and was And Kappler feels like he did mishandle at has really kind of crushed him and been very difficult for him because he has had that background with domestic violence advocates at advocating for victims of domestic violence rape. But but again I find it odd that if you have that in your background and you've have those connections In your faced in a decision making capability with how do you handle it. What's the right thing to do? You don't turn to those resources instead you go out over your skis as he said it and try to do it on your own instead of knowing that there is a huge network I mean I've had this this issue with other sports franchises including the forty niners about not tapping into these resources. That are are available and WanNa help in wanted WANNA guide organizations through this this messy ugly situation So it just seems odd that he had that background and yet didn't tap back into it sometimes. A little knowledge is actually a dangerous thing. I think I've familiar with domestic situations. I know you know. This woman. Allegedly had had been assaulted by two women and physically And I think he was thinking. Well this is Domestic violence situation oldest step in and handle this and obviously it was not turned out later. She you know there were accusations of sexual assault and Yeah it was I. It was not his place to to do that when I talked to a realized I talked to him and asked asked him. Do you have a daughter because I mean I have a daughter and I can't imagine suggesting that a teenage girl sit down with two men who were There when she was is being assaulted and videotape and videos. I mean diligent. Yeah so I mean I mean the whole thing is is messy and ugly and And sample may be right. It may have tortured him. But it only came to stick came to light in February right And we know how it came delight. Obviously there was a disgruntled former employee. Who who made sure people knew about this but be that as it may the fact that these Kappler admits that these two incidents happened in in his unhappy about the way he handled them in? So I don't know you know. He was a candidate for the dodgers job. I don't know this handling handling with disgust. Obviously that's the same as Asian. I don't know if it ever came up when he was a candidate for the phillies job. And and then it came out in February. And now you you know so. It's it's relatively fresh. which is one of the reasons? It's being rehashed Even though these things happen for years ago they've only been known about since you know in the last last seven months. Well it was a very strange strange strange press opening press conference he no. There's very few as you mentioned. There's only thirty of these jobs The giants have had had so few of them. The these openings come up and then you spend the majority of the press conference talking about this. This topic is very very strange. I talked talked to numerous former teammates. Kappler's people who know him pretty well Today and Two guys declined to talk not not out of from from my. You know just didn't have time but everyone else that I spoke to was incredibly enthusiastic. The level of passion a little commitment. The you know how knowledgeable and Quick he has to learn. What do you think just in terms of him? Put this incident the side and the way he handled it and potentially decision making with with that with do you think of him sheerly as a potential manager. Well I mean that we don't know from one we don't know because we don't know what decisions he'll be making right. I mean that's the big thing I mean he's going to be. You did ask that. He's he's not really beat around the Bush you basically ask. Are you going to be a puppet. I think I might have but so obviously obviously far on his controlling the roster The new guy the new general general manager might be making out the lineup. I mean what. So he's GonNa be taught you know dealing with the clubhouse dealing with the chemistry and it was interesting hearing him. Talk about Changing the culture and getting being the culture right and looking behind me at buster Posey who kind of had this bemused look on his face and I just wanted to know what was going through. His head is like you know like I've been here. Well well we had a pretty good culture. It's kind of all about having really good players right so I mean I know that with the phillies did a lot of unconventional things. People blame him for sure Some things that went wrong including Cousins injury which is too bad I know that You know they. They are considered to have underachieved And they tailed off badly at the end of both seasons which to me is always a bad sign about how eighteen is connecting and and how cohesive it is I I don't think the giants are going to be very good next year and so it's one thing to not be very good under Bruce Bochy. It's another thing to not be very good under Gabe Kaplan and I don't know how you know ardy swaths of empty seats for the last two years. I just don't know I don't on how it's GonNa how it's going to go over. Yeah and I wonder how long the leashes you know that they if they aren't going to be very good which they probably shouldn't be like. What are the expectations for him? Realistically now he did say he was going to rely on. Buster Posey A lot. He's talked to Bruce Bochy. I think he feels like he can go. Bruce Bocce with the questions and has had an has house them for him. He's got run motus he's got Ron Modus back. Which makes you know makes fans feel good of a million face? I think we were all in favor of that So but it is going to be interesting He is a polarizing figure. There's no doubt about that. And he always has been he's always been sort of people either love him or they can't stand. I'm Kinda Guy I ask Sam fold about that and Sam said that's his because he's got such a big strong personality opinionated he's not afraid to state his opinions ends but he also listens like he will. You can talk him out of a position if you give him the facts and and you convince him You know he's not. He's not a dummy that's for sure but now does have a big strong right. Now any any comes with words I mean from his detractors call him narcissistic and arrogant Polarizing so so. It's just interesting because those are not words that have been associated with the person who has held this position right in the past down. This is not the I mean yes. It's one thirty jobs but just because it's the giants and they haven't had any that many over the last thirty five years it's not like is not becoming the pope or something thank you smoke. I saw smoking no baseball. It is but it is one with a pretty strong lineage H. and and the and the truth is Now no offense to buster but I mean because far haunt you know is a pretty low key keith guy. Because Larry Baird's now in a much reduced position on Cape Kepler's can be the face of the team and a high. I don't know how that goes over either. You know I mean I mean there is no I mean Bruce Bocce Gut Gut Kinda lucky because even though people aren't super excited when he first got here. Timmy had already you kind of become the face of the team So you know there was there. I don't know it's just. It's a whole different era. Yeah well it's GonNa be interesting to to gauge on my behalf for from far from the other side. This hour Bob. 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