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The sound of one of the most popular country artists in America. Right now, his name is Morgan Wall in some would say he is the victim now of cancel culture, and there's a lot going on with this story. It blew up yesterday, so we're gonna cut to that in just a couple of minutes here. I just want to get you caught up on Everything else that is going on dense fog advisory this morning, So if you're heading out early, take your time. It's not that bad, but just something to be cautious with. It's eventually going to burn out probably around nine o'clock this morning. Coronavirus relief may become a reality more quickly. The Senate is expected to vote today. After the House voted last night approved a budget resolution that would allow the chamber to advance coronavirus relief package through the reconciliation process. Obviously Republicans, not a big fan of this, But this does allow the Democrats to pass binds $1.9 trillion measure with a simple majority vote. The last time I believe something like that was done was 2017 of the other story we've been hearing about through D. C was the GOP secret Vote the After long hours, closed door meeting the House GOP conference. Voted last night 1 45 to 61 to keep representative Liz Cheney in the number three position despite her pro impeachment vote. Now at that same meeting, we've been hearing a lot about Georgia representative Marjorie Taylor Greene. Some having issues with their conspiracy theories, and as Mitch McConnell said, I think earlier this week I'm sorry. It's just the way he put it. The loony lies is, as McConnell said. House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy said that great apologized to members and expressed Sympathy for some of her. You know, I guess remorse for her past comments about Cuban in school shootings, one of the representatives said in the conference voted to keep the entire team together. The House is set to vote today and stripping committee positions from green after there's Rules committee approved the vote. All right. So if you don't know, I also do afternoons on our sister station 92.3 wco. Well, I've been doing that since 1999 very, very familiar with country music. I've interviewed Morgan Wall in tons of times. Didn't expect that I would be able to get him on the air. The sporting so I didn't even try after this controversy. It's It's a tough one. It's a tough one. No matter how you look at it, Morgan Wallen has had the number one album in the country for country music, really, for the past. I think that well since the start of the year, his dangerous double album, hey, is one of those artists that is continuing to make country music. America's music what it is. He's had some controversy in the past. One of those controversies was, of course last year, going into an Alabama bar on by disregarding the covert policies not wearing a mask. Make it out with different girls. He is 27 years old. I'm not giving him that. But he is a younger man. So he was uninvited. For a future performance on SNL. Eventually, he was invited back. They made fun of it Always good. Except something that happened over the weekend and it blew up overnight Monday night into Tuesday. So much so that Morgan had to apologize. It was the wee hours of the morning on Monday, when a neighbor on the I don't know if it was a ring. It doesn't matter. But it was a video recorded of Morgan, clearly drunk. Saying a few choice Passwords and using the N word on top of it. Now having friends that are black. I will say that that's obviously award that I never years it was it was ingrained in me early on. Hey, that's just that a word you use. Of ill. So full disclosure. I am I was a farm boy. I grew up on a farm middle of nowhere, but still was told. Yeah, that's just not a That's not a word that you use. So this was captured and then posted center TMZ, his neighbor, organ, Wallace, neighbor sent this to TMZ. And of course it it exploded after that, because he had used that racial slur. And so it was like dominoes. Yesterday. You had radio station Cos you had CMT, you know, letting cutting loose that plane his videos anymore. Radio companies pulling his music. There was a report that Spotify, for example, Pandora was pulling his music, but I looked this morning and they're still playing his music, but everyone from radio companies to even his own record label. Suspending indefinitely his contract at this point Some would say this is a double standard. How is it that in rap music, you are allowed to talk about drugging women. And using the N word. But someone who just out about didn't know he was being recorded. Is able to some would say, you know, get blackmailed if you will. He has since apologized for this, too. Saying that it was wrong. I'm embarrassed and sorry. I used an unacceptable and inappropriate racial slur, so he knows he certainly knew better. And he said, I wish I could take it back. There are no excuses to use this type of language language ever. I want to sincerely apologize for using the word I promised to do better. Here's where the cancel culture I believe comes in before real quick before I get to that. The last time I had someone say to me I only only black people can use. The n word was probably when I was in in college, and I was mystified by that. But through the years and I'd like to think I've grown to be wiser and now into my forties and Had a nice discussion with a colleague of mine. Who is a black male here in the office, and I said, Teach me more about this. It seems to me that the n word there are. There are different angles to this. There are different dimensions to this word, he said. You're absolutely right. There are and I asked about the rap music and how that's acceptable and Um, it wasn't a big fan of that either. However, he did say he's older than I am. He is in his sixties now and he said, You have to understand that in the sixties and early seventies When I was growing up, we use that to mock white people who would say that to us historically, But it was it was between us. It was never And then through the years in the seventies. You had shows like all in the family. Who would try to desensitize that word. Now, here we are. 2021. I really don't know of, if a word like that can have her get desensitized, But it also depends on who you talk to. Because I can tell you that I have neighbors. That are black families..

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