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I out here? So lindros and lindros is thinking I'm not fighting Barbie. I'm not fighting me. I'm gonna fight this stiff. And I end up having to fight him. He hits me with like 18 rights in a row. And then at the last second, I kind of pop out this little left and the line's been kind of tripped him, and he falls down and I skated off right. And my arms in the air at the spectrum. Like I was the best man. I lost. My head hurt and everything, but I got one in. Booyah. Oh, yes. You know, it was great. That was my and then David poyle after the game told me he said, hey, maybe you should leave your gloves on. And I'm like, yeah, I will. I'd be happy to do that. I appreciate it. Thanks for the thanks for the support. Did you ever talk to lindros or driven opinion on if it was nowadays, maybe he wouldn't have come back then? Did he possibly come back a little early? I'm sure if you're seeing a few at that time, right? And I'm sure if you're him and if you're looking at the run we were on, you don't want to miss that. I know. I know, that's exactly right. And the whole playoffs have been out and they're that close to get the same. And you skate with you guys, obviously. He's probably feeling okay, but yeah, in retrospect it was probably too soon. Did you know that 22 of you a 117 goals were game one is almost 20% of your goals with game one is. Yeah, that's fluky though. I mean, some of them are probably made the game. I'll tell you my best game winning goal story. I plan for the avalanche Patrick was return to Montreal. Big night, right? So this is when you could put money on the board. It didn't go up against the cap. There's $30,000 on the board. 25,000 from Patrick Mike Keane at a couple grand, the GM had a couple grand. It was like 30 grand. And when I was in Washington, you score the game when a goal that's your cash, right? So I'm excited. So I get on the ice and I tip a goal and I made the score. I want to say it made it three to one at the time. We extend the lead now we're up 5 one and there's like 8 minutes left, Montreal scores. Now it's 5 two, right? I'm sitting on it. I got the game winner, right? If it ends, so I've never blocked more shots in my life. I was diving. I would have bit the puck with my mouth. If I had to. You think you're getting the whole third K? Yeah, I'm fine. So I'm like, this is awesome, man. So buzzer goes, game over. So I'm the first one in the room. I'm up there taking the money off. They go, what are you doing? I go, game winning goal, boys, you know, no it's not. What do you mean, they go? No, this is a team fund. We share it with the team fund. I'm like, that's not how we did it. And Washington, you know, that's how we do it here. So I lost out of that. The next night was my return to Washington. It was like you're signing more. So you don't spend between periods and spend time with my mind. I'm like, yes, I'm going to speed off. So the next night is my return to Washington. My first game back, right? Back to back games, so I put a dollar on the board. There you go, boys, you can fight over it after that. At that team party. Oh yeah. We lost. There were so everyone so fired up for Patrick. My first night back in 19 the good surprise on patty. I'm like, thanks for the help. That is such a good way to end this thing. You gotta get going. You gotta be serious. We'll have to get I think that we can just do this again. Just catch up more. Absolutely tremendous Jones. We can't thank you enough for having us here. It was nice to change up boys. The video and everything. And awesome interview everyone's gonna enjoy it and thank you for the hospitality. Thank you guys. Keep up the great work, man. We will do same to you. Wow man, absolutely the biggest thanks to Jones and his wife of the hospitality of that day and absolutely tremendous interview and also big thanks to the album organic showing up to show a little chicklets love a guy. We used to watch in the douche. Years ago was great to finally meet him. Never realized he was a Boston area guy, so I mean, Jones, just an absolute all time at the UK. I think that's so good. Easily amount Rushmore after the feedback for sure. That was, guys, I'm not gonna lie. I was in rough shape. I got buckled at jonesy and I actually hit it with RA outside. That was so much fun sitting and sitting down in the center of that guy. I was actually able to read about half his book. That's as much as I could get in in the short time. I had to read it. 6 years. But buchar gross talked about it when he was on the podcast and he wrote it folks and give it a read. It is fucking hilarious, just like him. Some of these stories, the fact that he could get away with it was fucking remarkable. It is amazing..

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