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Top story at this hour. A gunman killed twelve people at a bar in Thousand Oaks, California last night. It's a horrific scene in there. There is blood everywhere. And the the suspect is is part of that then tour county sheriff Jeff dean says one of those killed was a deputy responding to the scene. Also dead is the gunman. Here's ABC's Alec stone. The gunman was in his. Late twenties. Law enforcement sources are telling ABC news. He was a white man who had a forty five caliber, Glock handgun that. He bought legally. Now investigators here are working on motive what prompted them to carry out his attack. No indication right now that terrorism was involved the shooting happened at the border line bar and grill, which was hosting an event and was packed with hundreds of college students supreme court Justice, Ruth, Bader Ginsburg is in the hospital years ABC's. Aaron Katersky Justice Ginsburg was taken to the hospital this morning after she fell in her supreme court office last night, initially. She went home. But the court said she was uncomfortable overnight and went to George Washington University hospital. That's where tests show Justice Ginsburg who is eighty-five fractured three ribs. When she fell she was admitted for surveys and treatment ABC's Aaron Katersky reporting, a southern Indiana cop has found herself on the other side of the law will Clark is following that. Story. Jeffersonville police officer Rebecca Moses was booked into the Clark county jail Wednesday on misdemeanor and felony charges. As part of a criminal investigation being run by the Clark county sheriff's department, according to Clark county jail records, Moses is charged intimidation. Criminal mischief and battery not resulting in injury. Jeffersonville police chief Kenneth Cavanaugh is placed Moses on leave and has suspended her. Police powers will Clark NewsRadio eight forty W H AS coach Chris back and the Louisville cardinals opened the basketball season tonight. They'll play Nicholls state at KFC YoM center. I'm excited. I fear player. I don't know. How you can't. You can't be excited. They're probably sick and tired of playing against each other. They've been doing that all summer. I'll fall I'll preseason tip off at seven o'clock. You can hear the game here on eight forty W H A S the US L Cup is on the line tonight. When Louisville city f c plays Phoenix rising Phoenix has led by Diddy air. Drugged up a Premier League and World Cup veteran of a tremendous desire to achieve something to get on an effing winning to become fronts. Final was Gustav point kickoff. At Lynn stadium is at eight o'clock, and you can hear the match on seven ninety KRLD repeating our top story at this hour, a southern California sheriff says there's blood everywhere at the country dance hall where thirteen people died in a mass shooting last night among those dead or a sheriff's deputy who responded was responding to the scene as well as the gunman who's now been identified as twenty nine year old Ian long, your next news update at ten thirty. I'm Paul miles NewsRadio eight forty W H, A S, Kentucky, Anna's, breaking news, weather, and traffic station. One thousand dollars..

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