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Not just from the Senate and the house intelligence committees. But also from the special counsel's office, but Muller's office also argued that Michael Cohen had in recent months gone to quote significant lengths to assist the special counsel's investigation. They. The the information Cohen provided to them was quote credible and consistent with other evidence obtained in the special counsels ongoing investigation special counsel's office pointed out that Michael Cohen had met with them multiple times. And giving them quote information about Michael Cohen's own conduct and that others on core topics under investigation by the special counsel's office, which is very intriguing, but who knows special counsel's office does not leak. We do. Not know what Cohen told that. We may never know. Meanwhile, today, we got what looks like round two from the McClatchy reporters. Digging into the allegation about Michael Cohen and Prague now remembered April McClatchy reported that Robert Muller had some kind of evidence that Coen was in Prague in two thousand sixteen today. Mcclatchy had more to say here's the opening line. Quote, a mobile phone trace to president Donald Trump's former lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen briefly sent signals ricocheting off cell towers in the. Log area in late summer twenty sixteen at the height of the presidential campaign leaving an electric record to support claims that Cohen met secretly there with Russian officials McClatchy sources this information to four people who spoke on condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of information shared by their foreign intelligence connections. Mcclatchy says each of the four sources obtained their information independently from foreign intelligence connections McClatchy goes onto report that quote during the same period of late August or early September, the electric eavesdropping by an eastern European intelligence agency picked up a conversation among Russians one of whom remarked that Cohen was in Prague to people familiar with the incident set. Mcclatchy report to these foreign electronic intelligence intercepts were shared with Robert Muller. Now again today, Michael Cohen berry definitively denied this reporting saying that he has never been to Prague when asked if he's ever been to the Czech Republic. Colin responded, no capital N capitol. Oh and another denial. Cohen added quote Muller knows everything. So the reporting from McClatchy has changed in that McClatchy now sites. Multiple anonymous sourcing describing the electric intercept that show Coen's phone ping in Prague. The reporting has changed the denials from Cohen have not to be clear. Neither NBC news or other organizations have confirmed this latest dispatch from a classy just as they and we did not confirm the McClatchy story from April. We do have a ton of questions about this who are the sources for this report. Are they the same as a source sources from the earlier story in why are we just finding out about this? Now joining us now is Greg Gordon investigative. Mcclatchy news broke the story tonight as well as the first reporting on the topic in April. Mr. Gordon, thank you so much for joining us to closure to joy. So let's start at the end of this. You saw that Michael Cohen today who hasn't stopped a lot since his sentencing again denied ever having been not just improv in the Czech Republic at all. What is your response to that having reported on? This will Bob molars in a pinch because he's got an acting attorney general who now oversees investigation, it has harshly criticized it he's got a nominee to be the permanent attorney general and Bill Barr who is harshly criticized the investigation, and so one would think that Bob Mueller wouldn't want too much about his investigation getting out in the public former prosecutors have said that this is actually a standard practice for for prosecutor to what does it have to say anything could just say nothing he could say nothing, but he saying he definitively head was not in problem with never ever in all that can say to that is. Describes to see how this sorts out because because Michael Cohen as we all know has been convicted of lying about his dealings with the Trump hotel Russia. He's he's been convicted of of being deceitful in a number of ways. And so his credibility is not high..

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