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70 Spurt of the American Legion Bridge and from 66 to Arlington Boulevard. Now from Garage Door repair. Calm the W M A. L. ABC seven Storm watch forecast. Showers and thunderstorms will dot radar moving through the evening hours and into the overnight some storms likely to contain gusty winds and heavy downpours. Temperatures for the overnight range from 68 to 74 degrees tomorrow, areas of rain will draw to a close midday as a cold front clears the region. Temperatures by afternoon 68 to 74 degrees a lot nicer Looking day on Wednesday near 75 with lots of sunshine. I'm seven news meteorologist Steve Rudin, the Storm Watch seven Weather Sun. It's 90 and Reagan National. I'm a really fun. Washington's mall doubled your mail now, Vince colonnades. W MM. Good afternoon to you. 4 36. W m A l where Washington comes to talk. Coming up. 4 45 Peter Doocy joins us White House correspondent for the Fox News Channel. Then five o'clock We chat with Mary Margaret Holahan. She covers social issues for the Daily caller as Joe Biden has it out with the Catholic Church. Course, that story going. Merry Margo will bring us the update. I want to talk to you a little bit. I mean, we've got a rising crime happening nationwide, another violent weekend in a bunch of cities across the United States of America. But one incident which left people dead in it that was wrongly construed immediately by government officials was a deadly crash at a pride parade. In Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It was a an LGBT pride parade. And during that parade, um there was an elderly gentleman who ended up behind the wheel. Of a vehicle and he apparently accidentally drove through members of the parade there, um, leaving one person dead. It Turns out, everybody involved from the from the in the in the accident were from the Fort Lauderdale Gay men's chorus, according to the group's president, Justin Night, And so, in other words, as.

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