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Vermont tonight and tomorrow night at the Broadmoor world arena. So now, it's time for our weekly check on special teams. I shared this with RJ Anga yesterday who came on the show, and and you and I talked about last week. The fact that this team still. Is not getting a lot of chances on power place. Like, it's it's one thing to not score goals on powerplays. But this team is attempting a shot, and I know sometimes they have a power play cut short. I mean, do you see any progress in that side where this team is going to start just getting more chances in and if nothing else Olov averages kicking in? Well, I think law of averages are good law, especially when you start to take advantage of it, right? But you know, I think the power play as with most teams is always a work in progress. And you know, one of the things that the Tigers have to do is get more of more play from the back line. Okay. They add. They've had trouble getting the puck towards the net. But Brian you. Okay. Working the right point. He's getting more effective in getting pucks towards the volt. You know? So I think you're gonna see more in the way of chances on the power play. What's interesting about? The Tigers is heavy. They have the best differential between power-play chances four. Versus power-play chances against. They've had thirty more power play chances than their opponents. And that's the largest difference in the country. And that's going to start paying off over time. If those that trend continues you can't help but start scoring more goals. I was earlier talking about if there is a thing that should make Broncos fans worried about the forty Niners. So let me turn that question to you about this weekend. Vermont is scuffling. I don't know how they beat Michigan at the beginning of the year. But you probably know I look at this team. I say how if there is something about Vermont that tiger fans and more importantly, tiger players should be weary of what would it be? Stephanos lettuce. And know that is not some some of the skin disease. Elaborate, please is the goaltender for four Vermont. He has a two point two three goals against average or save percentage of nine thirty five. He's one of the better goaltenders not just in hockey east. But in the country. He's one of the more talented his his record doesn't show that hard at his part of the problem. He's had is that Vermont is near the bottom in the country in terms of offense. They're only scoring two goals a game. If you give up two point two five goals a game. You should be winning a lot more than you're losing. Or at least winning as many as you lose. But that hasn't been the case so far for. Vermont. He's the guy. Okay. For months. Going ahead any success this weekend or to turn that around. If the Tigers are going to be successful this weekend. They get pucks behind the big Greek in the goal. Well, they'll have a couple of chances to do it this weekend at the Broadmoor world arena, and you should really really be.

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