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Hearings for the U. S Supreme Court and in a divisive election year. Even the American flag has taken on complicated meanings for many voters share their thoughts and what the flag means to them and why they are or aren't flying it more on those stories. First the news Live from NPR News under RAHM The Senate Judiciary Committee conducted another long day of testimony today on the nomination of Judge Amy Cockney Barrett to the Supreme Court. She promised to keep an open mind on the affordable care act, also known as Obamacare, which is scheduled to come before the court the week after Election Day. NPR's Nina Totenberg reports. The nominee was also asked her views on Griswold versus Connecticut, a case that is seen as a precursor to Roe versus Wade. Which established a woman's right to an abortion. This was 1965. The court ruled that married couples have a right to have and to use contraceptives in the privacy of their homes. And Barrett said that she couldn't imagine such a case coming to the Supreme Court today. But she refused to say, as the other Republican nominees have before her that there is an inherent right to privacy in the Constitution, NPR's Nina Totenberg The panel will hear tomorrow from other witnesses, both for and against her confirmation. Baird herself will not be present. The Corona virus pandemic is picking up speed and dozens of U. S states. The country is now averaging more than 50,000 cases a day that's close to 10,000 more than just two weeks ago. Well, Stone has more big outbreaks fanning out across the Midwest, especially Wisconsin and into Western states, like Montana and Utah are straining hospitals in the Dakotas. The rate of new infections is now higher than what even Arizona recorded. During its huge summer surge of cases Marty Machine skies with the Duke Margolis Center for Health policy, she says new infections are climbing in states that had done a good job keeping the virus in check, including New England, and we definitely are see a large shipped. It is starting to show up in hospitalizations. New cases have gone up by at least 40% in more than 15 states over the past two weeks. For NPR news. I'm will stone The White House is thanking Oman in Saudi Arabia for helping to get two Americans out of Yemen, where they had been held by Iranian backed rebels. The remains of a third person or being repatriated as well. NPR's Michelle Kelemen reports. According to her husband, eight worker Sandra Loli, was held in Yemen for 16 months but has now been reunited with her family. She and another American businessman Mikhail Ji Datta, Were released from Houthi custody. The Associated Press says this was part of an exchange. Oman State news agency reports that 250 Yemenis who had received medical treatment in Oman returned to Yemen's capital Sanaa in a statement, National security adviser Robert O'Brien, thanks to the leaders of Oman and Saudi Arabia, but doesn't mention any exchange. The Saudis have led a coalition that's been battling Houthi rebels for more than five years. Michelle Kelemen NPR news This is NPR news. A federal judge in Nashville a rule today that a Tennessee law requiring a 48 hour waiting period before it. Abortion is unconstitutional. The judge found the 2015 law Requiring women to make two trips to abortion clinics places an undue burden on women seeking an abortion and the state could not show that the law served a legitimate purpose. The latest in the Siri's of studies about the workplace in Hollywood finds is full of boys and filled with power imbalances. NPR's Mandali del Barco reports. The Hollywood Commission, chaired by Anita Hill, surveyed nearly 10,000 people working in the entertainment industry about intimidating or humiliating workplace behaviors such as insults. Sarcasm is gestures, yelling, swearing, harsh criticism and physical aggression. One person reported. Quote, bullies run rampant and go unchecked and don't get treatment. Women in the survey were twice as likely as men to report abusive conduct workers younger than 40, disabled workers and non union workers said they have it bad. So do assistance to writers, rooms and executives. A Hollywood commission says it's now training directors, producers, showrunners, casting directors and others to manage bullying mandolin del Barco. NPR News First Lady Melania Trump said today her 14 year old son tested positive for the Corona virus. After she and the president tested positive and that he has since tested negative. The first lady says that Barron Trump exhibited no symptoms of the virus. I'm Nora Rahm NPR news. Support for NPR comes from NPR stations. Other contributors include focus features and MSNBC films. Presenting the way I see it an inside look at President Obama and Reagan through the eyes of White House photographer Pete Souza. Friday at 10 P.m. eastern on MSNBC. Thank you for joining me..

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