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Look they're gonna put bruce there i was thinking maybe together showcase mfi bay hit out death of possibility but i think you know what you got him bruce he's gonna hit joan run is gonna drive and run so here we gotta bring you back i would say lobby i've never fair on their front war they would say it up they don't get a good offer um they they give the qualifying for next year upbeat turtles back down there we'll get a first round draft pick forum you're also i don't know that might be better than what what somebody's offering cryptic credit no nobody warned so care believe it you're oh yeah i mean look thirty i mean it it is a good clubhouse guy the other bringing he baggage these thirty home runs one hundred rbi zoe with i maybe you i dunno i don't athletic but but one quarter was crazy about the yankees one superstars on the opposite i want young talent you know i mean fighting did they win a lotta jimmy shifted i miss something i mean i mean it's too if i guess is like you know if you watch bay roof in lou gehrig an aide they're gone in you know but then he comes demise yo the go that here comes mannal and yeah it's always somebody else so you know he got judges the bona fide star and and i've phrase it to me is just you've got to keep a mini in in the lineup your it it's what are you want you wanted to play forever what do you think they're gonna have been when he comes back you were talking about with do it back think they'd really wrote you know i don't know alex perry could could they relief from a mimic trade m two so money from the foul or your phone they got to get rid of that guy i think if if if they can't find by a take him i think you'll have an injury something a pop up and i'm i might be aas you just i know they don't wanna cut them and pay him you know it might as they home in it and you know somebody somebody would take a chance on them if the yankees a pay in the freight but i i think it you cannot you.

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