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TV services as well. That's the only way that they've survived that no one's getting phone lines anymore, but I do kinda miss having a phone line a regular phone line. Yeah, I miss the intention -ality of it. I think about my grandmother. She had a phone, a phone chair. It was almost like a child's desk, but there was a phone seat with with the surface where you could sit and write that down or write things down, or you can have your phone book there. And she when she was on the phone, she would go and sit at this in this one seat and talk on the phone, and the signal is perfect. I mean, I haven't had a my wife and I had to have a call a few weeks ago about something extremely, extremely important time sensitive. And the call for for maybe the third time in my entire cellphone using life, we could not keep a signal and it was very a big deal. And so we had to keep what I was like phone guy like, I can't hear what you're saying. I'm so sorry. And I kept calling and calling calling NT so much the one time I want the guy damn phone to work, but there's so much I mean like, but go back much die hard. It's a really good movie. It's it's really very good movie, but there's all the stuff with like the whole point is they cut all the phone lines. Did not meet you plaza now, known the phones can get through like, what are we gonna do, right. You know. And yeah, thank God. Reginald they'll Johnson was down there. Ho ho. Yeah. There's so many movies that are just like that that that the whole tension or stress point of the movie is that a person couldn't be reached or information you in scarcity of information like you were saying, there's there's so much like that. That that I've watched shows with my my kids. And then why don't they just call them like, why don't they call them like were they can't call music? Why he's not at home, you know? Like if you're not if you're not in your office by your spring and ring, right? This rings. Yeah, that's not weird. We watched as a, not as a family, but I, I watched with a couple of my friends face off the nineteen Ninety-seven. Seven movie. Yes, love that movie. It is so Hello and Bonker bonkers. Zohar the the one thing that really strikes me, I'll put this on our show notes this link to the one thing that just so much when I watched this movie was just like, oh my gosh, anytime there's an explosion. There is a fight. What I'll call a fireworks sound. Do you know the sound of fires. That little tinkling like a bomb falling? Yeah. And then the actual sound of fireworks going off, you could not only see the fireworks that would be surrounding any explosion, but they would make the little fireworks sound and this movie. I remember one of the people I was watching, you're saying they literally used fireworks as does sound effects? Yes. Like these sound of fireworks. This movie was made for about eighty million dollars. It made at the box office almost two hundred and fifty million dollars. This movie was considered a an awesome epic movie. And I remember at the time thinking, this movie was like a great movie. Like I remember being seeing this and being like, whoa, that movie was grad man. Like that was crazy. It's it's a blockbuster, yeah, it's so bizarre. There are so many things about it that are disturbing and fascinating, and the movie is so weird. It's was seen daughter. So creepy when Travolta who is. Okay. So for people who don't understand the the premise of movie from this, shockingly simple. Yes. Why don't we switch faces between two people. Right. So you have John Travolta and nNcholas cage? NNcholas lately, different weird hairlines. NNcholas cage is a villain, and John Travolta is an FBI special agent and stir Paula, castor, Troy is the bad guy. Customer in politics and Sean Archer is the good. The good? Gosh on Archer, right Sean Archer played by play by Travolta, and so it the movie starts out showing sort of the bizarre insane antics just so you get the point that castor, Troy, nNcholas cage is completely homicidal and insane cannon..

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