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In the desert ends a local philanthropist and a catholic parish in palm desert but up a quarter of a million dollars for that shelter federal environmental regulators have announced walmart will pay to reduce air pollution at several schools in the la area part of a settlement over a state air pollution violations by walmart's truck fleet in california it will upgrade its trucks with diesel particulate filters and pay three hundred thousand dollars for air filtration systems at schools in the ports of la in long beach sam atwood with the southcoast air quality management district says those filters will be in place by early next year we are in the process of getting these trucks cleaned up but in the meantime a good uh stopgap measure his two outfits school classrooms with filters so that students can breathe clean air in their classrooms so walmart representative tells kpcc the company is pleased with the settlement they've now retired nineteen truck said well violated california pollution laws the was general services administration also reached a settlement with the epa over alleged pollution violations the federal agency must pay a penalty and add filters to its diesel fleet in california of the olympics aren't coming to los angeles for another eleven years but you know it's never too early to start planning that's a thinking of la metro it's tackling a long list of major highway in transit projects before the game ames arrive at story from kpcc's mega mccarty corinne it's called the 28 by 28 plan a list of twenty eight essential road in transit projects that metro wants to finish by 2020 28 within half of the projects are already scheduled for completion using the measure m sales taxes approved by la county voters last year already lined up are a light rail to la acts the purple line wilshire subway to westwood heather regional connector in downtown la the plan also calls for accelerating eight other measure ram projects that includes a subway under the support for the pass a light rail between artesian downtown and an expansion of free way tolling of course all of this costs money metro hopes to work with private companies to fill in the funding gaps and is already reviewed proposals to do just that but congress is proposing changes to the tax code that could complicate the 28 by 28 plan one change would do away with an important incentive for private public projects the metro.

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