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Native okay the viewers simpler ingredients you know everything that's in there deodorant i love eucalyptus it's my favorite fragrance and they make it so here's how to get it go to native deodorant dot com slash rose pricks and then use the promo code rose pricks that's twenty percent off your first purchase if you visit native deodorant dot com slash rose pricks use the promo code rose pricks thanks maiden so then they stop at the art plays like a big barn has art in it and then the artists come out and she's way too cool for the show but she's like oh maybe i'll sell some art so she's like you know what we should do the i dunno access i'm gonna do you should you i can't do the fact that you should dry each other each other yeah do you sort of don't be a principal flop flop it's like i will go for for flop because love is art and sometimes you have to take a step back from what's going on she's got me looking like a dodo the clown or something yeah here's the thing here's the problem mike is really cute like he is really cute and actually he looks good with hannah they have like a very similar smile and like kind of squinty eyes when they smile and it's really adorable the see them together but there's nothing going on with him he's just all like i don't remember how much he comes across is really fake to me though not happy labor day holiday like he always gets that charming smile which is a beautiful smile but it's really like there's something slimy about him you know he's like fake stay classy so it's like oh wow so i'm not really buying him see i don't feel i don't necessarily feel like he's fake i feel like he's very needy like very insecure it's your unlike ready default he's one of those guys it falls in love like for real after one date and they get kind of freaked out like why is this guy so in the me yeah i just i dunno stew in my space like he's always grabbing picking up a swing around that really bothered me why does it bother me i don't know i'm a hugger i hug a stranger on the street you know so yeah but because he it's almost like he's he's doesn't have proper boundaries he's not in the same place and the relationship that she is yeah so she they go to their nighttime dinner an a he's like i have things on my mind because the guys were starting to say they're falling in love and you know like i feel like i take this pretty seriously she's like yeah but you have to explain feeling hands way either someone's house but you get you get the part that you skipped a big part where she's walking around the the museum crying at the paintings oh no this is just one there at this is before that oh 'cause i have that they did the silk toga thing and blah blah blah and he says he's into her and then i have time to the dinner portion but first okay so you you have maybe it's just after that yeah maybe with the commercial break i just have a lot in my notes but okay he's like well you know a i dammit where am i now you jerky me scroll up in my notes stephanie i'm breaking up you go hi i'm gonna call a socialist but yet express your feelings before you go into a home can cause and what you're family gonna think i know what i'm saying and he's like today i mean this could be the first date with my wife and first of all it's it's not really a first day but okay i am so she's like well he's always open and honest i don't know how i feel about him so then it's nighttime and there's no music which he knows the bad it's bad fine 'cause it's the night at the museum is finally gotten darkest all quiet forty no jack black is gonna jump out of a painting being my rhinoceros okay so she's walking around looking at all these art and.

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