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As as we pulled in our wrath for hybrid. Hey, that's a cool car. Come on. Exactly, exactly. The second one, which I know you guys have covered in green tech media is the ninety megawatts of solar and three and sixty megawatt hours of solar of storage that was awarded in Hawaii jaw-dropping prices of eight to twelve cents a kilowatt hour delivered which is below their depressed. A diesel prices right now, fifteen cents kilowatt hour, just the fuel alone. And it's something that we've all predicted was going to happen. But, you know, seeing the contracts announced in all the big companies one them for me. Yes. To clear way, just warms your heart. And and it makes you think that it's not going to take until twenty forty five to decarbonised the electricity system in Hawaii since you mentioned this. This. I gotta ask you jigger shale in the interchange brought this up as the most over hyped story, not this particular story, but the general reporting on ultra-low PPA solar p p prices or win PPA prices, or you know, solar plus batteries. And this is an example of a story that we ran because it's a record breaking story. It shows the continued drop in costs and assumptions about a project costs and pricing do but there's a lot. We don't know about what goes into this pricing. And there are a lot of assumptions about future equipment and development costs years down the road. What do you think about that? Is it a oversold story in the way reporting on it, or do you think it's still important to keep mentioning these types of records? So four simple projects that just have tractors. I would say that it is over hyped lake. So I don't like to see the two separate our two point one seven seven cents per kilowatt hour announcements because I don't think it's reflective of where the market's. Actually clearing, and they think it's more important for wood MacKenzie or green tech media and actually report where the market is clearing in what the article means in context, but when you do solar plus storage that feels more like a self standing project micro grid. And so I do think it matters whether it's eight to twelve cents because my sense is for a lot of the people affected by campfire in California that eight to twelve cents get replicated in California, Catherine what is your free electron or maybe free electrons. Do you have to this week? I only have one and resolution eight.

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