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Just go to wordpress dot com slash pm t to create your website and fund plymouth right for you that's wordpresscom slash pm empty get 15 percent off a brand new website wordpresscom slash p empty all right let's get to some segments uh first up we have a josh alan update so josh allen the tallest quarterback that's ever played football also going to be the number one pick in this year's draft he had a video where he hit a crossbar from fifty yards from wounds suffered impress us pretty good at your standing up yelling list ended up els got nailed to crossbar mm jesus those sitting down on his knees on his goals yes never gone wrong take harnessed russell quarterbacks you know what if you can find a quarterback that takes a knee everyone's going to love in the nfl there it is cellphone roster spot for sure no e it was awesome he's got a rocket arm i don't like him throwing from his knees though because it makes them look shorter wool and it just brings up to markers russel yes he he needs to realized that his height is what he has going for him right night is his bread and butter yes stick with the height and speaking of height uh the we're everything's kind of moving in the direction of josh alan being the number one pick because bill polian came out and said that lamar jackson's too short is liking the margin 63 josh on six four puts mostly cloudy semite as as a thomas yet that makes a big difference at one inch um so does just keep it going now that is a big inches she's a huge very vague yet it is an enormous in biggest inch it's like you know 200 is the is the worst lee davin hockey six three six four big ascension in inches i'm actually okay with a sixfoot twoquarterback because if you're that short your practically midget and you have to learn how to overcome adversity to get to where you're at as i had a good college quarterback if you're 6foot3 it's like you know you're in the coddle zone right i'm 63 if i was said you're suck has no that's why you're all his letter backer ellen says i'm on like like paul rideout 640 black bullock as tall race alec big is in your nickname or a hangnail that's.

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