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Forces radio network one of our favorites. My buddy dana gould. Standup comedian extraordinary. Still going strong. And he's here to promote fest pakalitha. It's going to be a virtual comedy event and It's going to be gone down on january thirtieth at five pm pacific. Its celebrate the twenty years of course of sketch fast which unfortunately we still can't get together to do in person dana. This is a pretty cool that you guys are getting this together. What's it been like for you. These past i dunno eight nine months and have you. Have you been doing parking. Lots and rooftops and drive ins things like that parking lots rooftops i have done my share virtual shows. I've done a lot at zoom shows. Really twenty twenty two year shows without pants and a pretty great only going on soon dates. The sounds like a joke. And it's not just a real observation. A friend of mine Is going on. she goes on. She's on dating app and they go on zoom dates and it just Like like regular dating app wasn't hideous. Enough i only one. I'm on cringe. Which is great people that all the women like harvey. It's a very specific. Yeah i would imagine people i mean. You can't look good on a face timers and people looking up your nose. And judging you buy. What's behind you that's supported by godfather poster. How fresh acoustic guitar with no strings. You know the whole an acoustic guitar. It's called the sound hole. Wow greater yeah and if anybody knows a folk musician. The whole in their faces is called. Hey can you slow me a couple of bucks whole well when i look at this list of fest pacalypse so many headliners at boggled. It's like one of those night of a hundred stars. The thing that the first thing that popped out to me. Data's i'm sure. I never asked you but i'm sure over the years someone might have asked you if you're late at the elliott gould and i see that elliott gould is in this show together again know his last name. His last name is Is anglicised from goldberg. Goldberger goldstein And mine is from goulding in in ireland so very very different origins and He was married to barbara streisand for the longest time and there was a short period of time and i moved to la where a couple of people clearly thought. I was jason gould their son. Because i remember once. I go into a restaurant like a really high priced restaurant and getting so hampered at over treated and i couldn't understand it and at the very end of the night as i you know. Tell your mom to come by sometime. Like why would you wanna crazy woman from massachusetts. The combined talk about astrology to our. You're like wow. These people really loved funhouse pig fast comedy central ear. That's great. I didn't know you guys played gets so much. Thanks now i get more. Get more feedback from jackson. Anything i've done. Who was the guy who wrote it with said rob colin news. We're writing something together right now. That's right. I think i brought it up years ago. My my favorite line was he said. It's colder than eva. Gabor 's wig closet..

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