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The fourth quarter I put it away and run clock with Frank gore I don't know but it this is just to me I think we we from time to time talk about coaches over thinking things Hey it's the economy stupid and I think this is a culture which you want the ball in the hands of your best players so why would you not use levy on bell in crunch time in the fourth quarter when and you decide to go with Frank gore who by the way over the second half of last season and I know the boxes were stacked we really don't do anything here over the last half of the season you know so I I don't I don't get it I don't understand it but if you want to do that as a division rival wonderful I was looking at some of the numbers on this and what what bell did it last year gore is definitely different and NFL's next Gen stats the chart there's one step they have called efficiency which is just determines who the north south runners are you know how far do you travel versus how many guards you how many yards you gain and levy on bell is the second least efficient in federal courts meaning bells the kind of guy that doesn't power up in the line you know he's a patient runner yep who go it sweeps kind of outside and then we'll try and find a lane he's got all that yeah he is good at that but the problem is if you have a line like the jets had yeah that doesn't work the jets had the worst tied for the worst in the league yards before contact per attempt meeting that is bells trying to go out and do that somebody's getting to him yeah you know somebody's feeling that lane so what what all kinda looks like to me if you paint the picture of its like the jets are gonna try and simplify the run game by just smashing it into the line with Frank gore like that like the bills did need spots last year it's one of the reasons I'm excited about Zack moss is I just whoever they're going to use for that role for the bills I hope it's a little less smashing but the Kerry's going to Zach Lawson said of Frank gore you know what they've got to running backs now they drafted in the third round back to back years like these two you can expect to be here together for a couple years right as the you know you can call them change of pace or whatever you want I think the the bills these two guys are a lot more similar than some might expect but I'm happy that the bills of upgrade at that position I I do think that a rookie that Zack moss can be a significant upgrade at that spot I just hope the use of a little bit differently well they're inexpensive for the next three years right until single Terry becomes an unrestricted free agent after his fourth year you're paying your running backs next to nothing over the next three seasons and that's a market inefficiency as they might say right you're paying them reasonably and the message would be right now when single Terry gets to that contract right we don't pay him all right yeah right right I mean it's it you know you'll get four years out of him right because he wouldn't have the fifth year option because he wasn't a first round pick I thank mmhm if that's the case please don't quote me on CBA rules but if that's the case you get four years out of Devin Singletary and it's probably thanks for being here that was really very nice of you and you just go find another running back to be with Zack moss I mean it's not that hard eight oh three oh five fifty to join us we'll go to Burke in Jamestown you're on WG jogger right ahead morning guys are you good thank you good but I just had a question whether the legal allies said anything about competitive balance as far as fans in the stadium of light you know if if flood say Denver when we get to them is allowed to have panned impone cramps already said that we might not be able to are we gonna see some stadiums within seventy two thousand fans and affecting the game or are we gonna see across the league where it's you know a league wide thing how many fans you haven't stadium that's a good question yeah the only precedent is the thing where was it the NFL that said all teams or no team yeah when when it comes to team facilities the NBA isn't doing that right they open run facilities yesterday and the NFL sales that had been at one point you can't open your facility unless everybody can yeah Burke it's a good question in fact I I don't member was Albert Breer Peter king one of the columns yesterday those guys had he they ran a quote from Mike Tomlin who talked about this very issue the offseason portion of it that you know if one NFL to sit none of the NFL facility should be able to open up for offseason unless they can all open up to the offseason and if not if you're all about competitive balance and everybody being on the same footing went right when the facilities started to close one of the NFL do were shot and all of them down nobody's going to have people in their facilities get ready for the draft if one is closed you're all closing well if they're gonna stick with that then I don't see how you would have fans in some stadiums and not have fans and others right they're they're talking about off season not opening facilities I don't know how you have an imbalance in terms of attendance at stadium she couldn't yup you know I think you'd you'd have to have either we're we're getting fans on a limited basis in th you know all the stadiums or not doing fans if they're going to stick to what they have been practicing to this point on that whole conversation to me I mean you know the idea of fans in stadiums if if Denver can have them if if Denver says yes in New York says no I mean it gets pretty sticky if Denver if you could tell me somehow Denver could literally could could do it a hundred percent safely yeah and you knew that which is a possible pretty much to know been less there's whatever I would I would say screw competitive balance I don't care mmhm is it it's if those people can safely go to that game then go to that game you know that it's I'm I don't anticipate that it necessarily will be a hundred percent safe yep if a one state says yes in another state says no I mean you've got different you've got state by state doing things differently with everything from bars restaurants to nail salons so stadiums might see similar differences mmhm for me the competitive balance point does not rape I don't and I get it yeah I just do not care about competitive balance I am for me it's a public health issue and that alone so if a team San Francisco could do and how to present safely go ahead fill your stadium yeah but that's another good topic is that when it went up actually could see that's the thing I think there to me there a couple things in play here one I don't think anybody's filling a stadium I think even if if a particular state says yes you can open up that facility let's play okay San Francisco for example if the governor of California says okay go ahead there's no way the filling the stadium right I mean are you gonna test sixty five thousand people walking into the stadium I think if you do that if you're talking about fans third full eye doctor Fauci in his comments to Peter king talked about whether not maybe you could get to like thirty three percent capacity for the football stadiums this fall so if it gets to the point where there is an imbalance I don't think you're talking about a full stadium anyway you're talking about fifteen twenty thousand people versus sixty five seventy thousand people the other thing to keep in mind terms of where the league would shut this idea down guess what the visiting owner shares in gate receipts its revenue and it's not a full stadium but it's you know the bills go place San Francisco gets what the bills get a check you know they get right they get money there's a split of the gate between the homeowner home team and the visiting team so if you're skeptical and you think owners sitting in are going to be looking at the bottom line they might be less worried about the competitive imbalance and more about how we're gonna make money off this road trip great go ahead let fans in their stadium it's more revenue for the league eight oh three oh five fifty to join us this morning Jerry thought on that eight eight eight five fifty to five fifty also talk about the last dance and the last two episodes and I think the most the most so far we've seen in this whole documentary of boy Jordan could really be a jerk to his teammates so you're watchin and if so has it changed your opinion on Michael Jordan at all you gravel enjoys whatever's on your mind you can always bring that up to baseball is in the news today with the proposal that was sent to the players yesterday about resuming the season by all of the various accounts from reporters who covered the sport it's not going to go over well with the union and this get kinda ugly in terms of the union and management trying to figure out how to reach agreement to restart the season we'll talk about that we get back Ben Davis former Major League Baseball player radio dot com baseball insider will join us in a moment on WGR Mike show here WGR reminds you to sanitise high touch surfaces.

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