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Taliban, United States, Prosecutor discussed on The Mark Levin Show


Case of bergdolmo bergdolmo but obama dr who who was a deserter in men were maimed and died looking for him thinking that he had been captured kidnap by the taliban when in fact he voluntarily went to that side the enemy side now we have a uh a military judge who who refused to give burgo any jail time no jail time even though he pleaded guilty he was fined he was reduced in rank to an eu wani was dishonorably discharged but no prison time and the press in the united states is right this is a a disgrace it is a disgrace beyond explanation and many of you have called in many of your thinking where wears justice where's that you got a guy i'll give an example like deneche decisions involved in some minor campaign flap the prosecutor the us attorney's office in manhattan hits run by one a jim colmey bob muller's bodies and obama hack and obama hack and he insists that desouza do prison time for a single relatively minor violation of our campaign loss not a slap on the hand not too you know some type of a to some kind of deal and now twenty months in prison and yet ball bergvall is said to have suffered enough at the hands of the taliban suffered enough at the hands of the taliban he wouldn't have been in the hands of the taliban if he had walked into the hands of the taliban it's a disgrace absolute disgrace that this guy doesn't do time decades gone by he would have done more than time he would have been thrown in the brink for i don't know how long if not worse if not worse and the left you know they could care less two careless all right let's take a call here i don't know how much more we can stand to be honest with you had rather listen to you folks so we're going to go to dave in green bay wisconsin the great wta cute dave go hi mark pay from green bay at your aren't referred to tell you thank you and how much are we conservative here in green bay appreciate avenue we hope you here and you.

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