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You know yes I I think in the movie does a really good job of not playing in a reality but being self aware that it is goes along with magical realism and in a way is kind of like like the office in that way. Where it's so heightened but you know it's not real but I loved the the presentation saying where she's on the Confetti. That was pretty great. Selga good in the way that that's like the story really respects itself like those involved in making it like it was clearly just like loved so much you know what I mean like. They didn't make her look like and idiot. They didn't make basically it was like especially cool. 'cause like imagine realism movie. What happens is extremely realistic like run? That's a lot of ways like it's not the overly theatrical. You know what I mean. Does that kind of makes area and I just love that like you just respects. The characters is like people. Yeah Yeah and I I was a little worried at first how they were going to pull off the third act but I think they did it really well so there's a way that it could have gone so wrong stores are they're gonNA use this bad. Cg or something and but it was. I thought it was good and her and her performance was great. Oh my God so like I'm Co you see. I'm I'm done but it's so sweet like the I won't give anything away but like the five hundred days of summer esque and yeah. I just loved that. Yeah you beat any mcphee Michael Michael. I'm sorry I called you. Michael Samuel Jackson. I don't know where I was GONNA say. Michael Jordan Samuel Jackson. Yeah let's get some Michael Jordan in this movie. Why Not Yeah? I don't know where we put them. Storm checked out cre- to miss that in the metoo slipped under our radar there. Yeah I yeah I what did you think of the office? President Guy Manager Guy. I thought that was so good. 'cause it's true like I'm sure you can relate to it in some way but I feel like it was a really good way of addressing like especially. Oh my God okay. I'm sorry I'm going to try. I I got this. I got this. I have a lot of ideas forming right now. Okay so like especially as like quote unquote failed artist. Whatever like I think She probably like it's really easy to have like dat like self Dow and what you like care about and put out in. The world is like very subjective thing and like anyway like especially as girls. I think it's fair to say Well it's it's like we're conditioned to be like. Oh no maybe like nothing. They're right like they're right. I think it's like that. You know like the impostor syndrome. Like all the stuff and culminates to make life sentence that like people are taught to like you know 'cause 'cause even like I don't mean to I have to correct myself like when I'm watching T. Moisture a better for the doubt kind of person and I think she is to. You know what I mean. And it's just like oh they didn't like it's not like it's not like USA that it's not that bad like that's the worst thing you can say like no. You don't deserve anything bad bre- you know what I mean like so I really liked it. They put that in there without it. Being like the focus of the movie. You know what I mean. It's like the same thing as when Like net flicks is so crowded house like overweight stars movies except all those moves for overweight people. Like that's not the That don't do it. You know what I mean. Yeah but like I really liked it and her relationship with other people that because like we all need a little help also the whole thing like I can I know I'm such a bubbly extroverted personality right and everybody not really like and I'm sure someone in this way like D- were not we don't love social it's challenging to like make friends ask and I think the beauty part of what this mood is like just has so much eneg so much heart so much like life's army it gives you a little hard. Somebody sweet lessons like real friendships. You don't even exactly realize they're happening. Brian and she has this movie and she just has to rely. Basically this movie I think of the other day. Honestly there's a lot about realizing your worth and respecting it off to like. Be Your be the best version of yourself like you owe it to yourself to be the best version of yourself right. Yeah and although I mean there's not really a ton of commentary about it. I did like the whole like her thinking. That how the Office Guy Tree which I mean of forces. I mean kind of tie. Talented people feel yeah. I love it when she's driving in the car and he's like yeah they do normal things like yeah holds the door open and ahead of my hair. It's like Oh no. He does for everybody so that was good and again just like little weird bits of humor like that are great. And but no I. I think the ending was the third mood. Okay Risk Cutters. A love story as my third mood Cy. I haven't seen that lot. When when did this come out like ten years ago? Oh No I haven't seen that Those are my three moods though. Miss Stevens Unicorn Store in risk love story. What's Miss Stevens? I mean I know I know the movie. But what's the mood what's just? I can't explain it. Okay well listeners. You can check that out on your own. Yeah get back to us but yeah I I. It was. Yeah it was right when it started. I was like this is good like jazz which really was surprising but And I feel like I can watch it like a thousand pop it in anytime and yeah I I like the the two parents and haven't seen Joan cusack and wow John cusack. She was pulled to that man. Yeah I like the little camp good. Yeah well as well But yeah it was just shot like snow. Directed only would never expect that. It was her her. I wonder I some fish. We yeah she's she's been in this like world since she was like sixteen. But still you still gotta take those steps. I'm not diminishing. I'm just explaining. Perhaps the origin of the comforter ability but run. Yeah so good and it was like you know I always say like I said yesterday about Dumbo. And that was way bigger scale like they had a lot. More Time and money probably. I don't know maybe less time because it was a bigger scale but anyway like there was so much attention to like it was a wholly formed world and like I know it's my aesthetic like the glitter and like the like pretty cursive. Metallic is my static. Anyway sure but I'd be like even if it was neurotic you can appreciate like. The store was so cool. The little like the bus went by that said Lake. Keep going kit like all this stuff. I itself like. That's the stuff I need like the little. It was all embroidered so beautifully you now. You know she's missing from Sony movies like I said I agree. I think it really comes down to this movie. Movie Heart Goes. Yeah yeah and I liked her friend. The the the guy and the girl the coworker of hers. Yeah but then the the Guy Herschel Virgil the great hardware store guy. He was great. Yeah this Stroz so love love love love. Yeah and Yeah he was patty cakes news. Really scary as I kinda know that dude and I realized because the voice and I said well no free voice for you buddy. Casey played like a goth like creepy. Kinda not synonymous but he happened to be both Goth in creepy and nice like cold. But I didn't like patty cakes just to be clear but he was good but I loved it. I loved this movie so much. I can't say enough and I like that. She didn't have. She wasn't like perfect like she wasn't like totally. Yeah she doesn't like Snow White but she still deserves good things and to like be cared about and care about herself. You know and I liked that. There wasn't a direct like antagonists. It was just like yeah. Life is challenging. And it's on you. It's easy to feel misunderstood but not even notice that you're feeling that way like You just kind of assume that it's supposed to be as you feel like different Donald. I loved the opening scene. Like that was so good where she's painting. That was really good. Well and the way she looks like that's when I knew how the tone was going to be lots of kind of quirky but not in annoying way ernest. It's not like there's no like quirky moment. It's not. It's not like a new girl vibe like that like it's yeah yeah is is. It was a fun time itself. Good Very Pleasantly surprised and yeah so if you haven't it's on Netflix. Now check it out. Check it out. Yeah cool well. Anything else about Unicorn store I like. I like it when she was running off. And she's like I'm going to buy graph paper or some good little one. Oh good they're so Hashtag relatable that cognitive dissonance though so good and I love the spoiler. I guess I'll just say I love that. She had to be herself circumstantially. Things would not allow her to not be herself and I just love bet. It's like my I was in like middle school like they whatever they would like when I went to get my haircut like blow it out or whatever like dredging my hair just like curl up like and I respect that about myself. Sure sure all right well out of five stars. It's a four and a half for me thinks oh come on. Sunday I want five okay but it is. I'll say it is one of my favorites of the year so far so maybe number two number one probably climax clink climax probably climax. Oh that crazy dance. What the heck is it something? Oh No Henry. Terrell mother a little bit yeah. Little Bit O. J. You wouldn't like it. No I've been trying to get a Jacob in this guy from the Chelsea to talk about it because they they both liked it but you know why you try and get three people who all like it come talk about it or I don't know if the other guy I liked by. No Jacob liked it but I know you're not going to see it so I mean we at a loss. You gotta just keep it them. We probably will end up. Just giving it so. It's not a big issue. Patrick on here is that his name. Patrick shoot what does name which one do from your work. Zachary Zach. Jaggery can talk about Queer Queer on. Oh my God okay. I give birth me okay. Classic you go into it's like yeah closure as little as like a retro feel right like the linoleum floors but like pretty sure and you're walking in and this is you know it's you walking into this is what you're seeing is your hands holding a cake and Turquoise porcelain play super pretty and the cake is homemade. It's very layered. It's why I sing with the low piping around the top and got rainbow sprinkles like the circular ones. You don't like the long ones. And it's got Sparklers on top way overdone dislike. That doesn't really exist like the you know. The plastic glitter like chunks like confetti closure is but but it edible. I don't know how that works. But it's edible right now and it's just covering the cake and it's like falling off the plate and everything going and then but this is a trick. You're that person but you're also somehow the person at the table. Who's receiving the birthday cake? And all your friends level under rand you but you're not actually but also but now but now your mom is the one. Commu the cake. What an image Gosh I'm from India kitchen. Okay wow well listeners. That's a little brain.

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