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Neutral medical doctor building com <hes> sometimes people if they passed by number because i've called people back the circling. We don't do that. Give them a time. Don't call you back because i get so. I'm so busy you can call me like some people. Try to call them on air or read afterward. I'm busy. Another phone talked to doctors patients all over the world. Just this give me a time window and i'll try to call you when i'm free because i'm a lot busier them for anybody out. There is okay so you put a time limit on your phone number but give me a couple of paragraphs or a page of what health issues are what your labs are what you're what you want me to help you and the starter protocol free and if you've been accustomed already i will call you back if you haven't been meals in u._s. Started protocol of course and again nutraceutical not arrive medical doctor bill dot okay. Let's get into the whole handful but you know it's all under the contact us and it's all under the wellness protocols on the website because if if you're if you're a regular customer you did purchase the wellness protocols when they were available. That's before pay pal. <hes> took us down. There exactly took us down because we had that c._b._d. Oh well if i had no not i would have never put it on there. I didn't realize it was such a controversial crucial. These are a control freak. It is just like wasn't left and right and again even in the medical system to control requires <hes> anyways so also so <hes>. I think simul sam is some point we might be able to find some other way to to work with the wellness protocols but in the meantime anyone can have any of them. Just drop us. Listen email or even call you can always call eight eight eight two.

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