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With a high temperature around seventy nine channel four meteorologist dave nussbaum he'll be right back with his full pinpoint forecast growth in the oil industry well it's almost here as we hear from wwl screw smell of oil is on the cusp of seventy dollars a barrel up from about forty two dollars last summer and around twenty seven dollars a couple of years ago you an economist walter dublane says it's enough to stop the bleeding they've stopped shutting down but to start growing i think it's going to have to be you know a little bit better than what we're seeing right now lane says if oil starts trading in the seventy dollars a barrel range the industry could start growing again well speaking of growing saint james parish with a huge announcement for most of petrochemical corporation announcing an agreement with the state to build a nine point four billion dollar facility in saint james and once that tenure project is completed they're talking about generating twelve hundred fulltime jobs with the average pay over eighty four thousand dollars a year saint james ferries president timothy roussell says it is a major deal and they've got to do a lot of work there to get ready they wanna be heavily involved in workforce training and in a lot of community organization roussell says for mosa employs over a hundred thousand people worldwide and several hundred at its other louisiana facilities today is the one year anniversary of the removal of the first of the four confederate monuments here in new orleans wwe wells jim hanso reports there are still a lot of questions unanswered about the fate of the liberty place monument jeff davis p g t beauregard and robert e lee statues landrieu is leaving that up to mayor elect letroy cantrell the mayor did promise to appoint a commission to study possible relocation and placing them into store context he hasn't done that that's something that he promised to do and it's a promise that he hasn't kept frankly political analyst plants do boasts who says that overall people appear to be gradually accepting that the monuments are down well they washington an appeals court has reversed a judge's ruling that the us government is liable for some of the new orleans area flooding after hurricane katrina the april twentieth ruling reversed a twenty fifteen decision that could have resulted in damage payments for residents and businesses of new orleans lower ninth ward and neighbouring saint bernard parish and.

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