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Right now we are going to accelerate our big infrastructure programs we have the empire station project which is building a new Penn station which is long overdue that Penn station has been torturing people for too long let's now X. celebrate the empire Penn project while the ridership is low and when we need the jobs accelerating LaGuardia airport which isn't be the first new airport in this nation in twenty five years traffic is low passenger volume is lower let's accelerate that construction now and let's do things that we've been talking about for a long time but we've never actually pulled the trigger on are you listening to this how out of touch is the governor of New York let's see celery let's rebuild all of Penn station but those that don't even know what Penn station is in New York okay it's the underground system that includes subways and trains that go to New York Long Island at center New Jersey the subways they go everywhere are you gonna like salary you don't have the money to accelerate that the second Avenue subway that they've been trying to do for what was what is about thirty years probably longer right forty years that they never get done now they gonna ask red state citizens to pay for it but their dream wishlist everything's free what's redo log Guardia airport authority is always under construction is the worst airport pretty much in the entire country and it's always under construction if I can't remember a time it has been under construction I mean and you get nothing in terms of of anything from the state of New York well maybe they should have thought about these things what it what is the mayor and his wife what would they spend nine hundred million one billion almost one billion dollars on her get healthy program and nobody knows where the money is a Charlene McCray the blahs yul's wife get help never they've never been held accountable okay then you got a Cuomo spent seven hundred and fifty million New York tax dollars are literally on a on a solar project in upstate New York it failed it's mothball the got bought out by somebody six hundred million dollars on a microchip company that didn't go well either ninety million a light bulb this all new green deal crap and now he's saying that what the people that live in states that elect responsible legislators and senators and governors that balance their budgets fund their pensions live within their means have better infrastructure better maintained than all of New York and all the money that they get from taxes from from taxpayers in New York on top of the New York City they have their own set of taxes you know now you got dot com read the Blasi once what not the once a nine billion dollar check it ain't happening says in corona virus related and on top of it all nobody in New York can't even think of a way to open up new York safely I have no plan it's just a hodgepodge mix of everything you know thrown up against the wall and you see this all over the place all these democratic governors the Commonwealth governor of north of member him well deliver the baby and then there will make sure the baby is comfortable that will let the mother decide in consultation with our doctor what we're gonna let the baby live or die I mean that lunatic he's not wearing a mask telling everybody in the Commonwealth of Virginia to wear a mask you got the democratic New Mexico governor violating the corona virus order kept the business open why so she could buy jewelry the Michigan governor now we know our husband it was only a joke makes a phone call because he wants to get his boat in the water people in Michigan they can't even cut their lawn and then we find out that the governor governor shut down Whitmer said about her husband that he went to their second home to rake leaves in the northern part of the state and he came back right after he raked the leaves but when she ordered the the opening in some of these more rural areas in Michigan she said the people not don't rush up there and overwhelm the area well why did husband go up there yeah it's it's insane yeah it is unbelievable I've never seen anything like this you know and well and another thing to be angry about CDC suggesting coronavirus fatality rate higher than the flu but eight times lower than the models and the estimates from the experts that you know originally were projecting two and a half million dead Americans you know you have the great doctor Fauci I respect for Dr Fauci he's dedicated his life to saving lives but he's he has a minute anywhere close to perfect in this you know early or mid mid March saying you don't need to wear masks now you say you have to wear a mask that he changed his tune now he's back to you know well the second wave now of cold it may never happen and mask wearing is symbolic respectful okay I would be my termite but you do what you want but they don't know what the hell they're talking about now a lot of it is because China lied a lot of it is if people made you know with the best gas they have this you know this is this is art is much is science sometimes when you're in the early stages of this you gotta go with your gut here they're the best person with the best got ended up being Donald Trump travel ban quarantines subsequent travel bans they were impeaching him at the time you know the media sensationalism what they told the public that would happen it didn't happen and reality now look I've I'm pro life I believe every life is a gift from god and I want everybody healthy and and hopefully we're gonna learn the lessons that I outlined yesterday on the show because of we look at the states that were successful we can learn from governor Disentis we can learn from governor abit and even governor camp I was critical of early on I thought the tattoo parlor idea opening up and the nail salon was little not so I was wrong on the nail salon I still don't know about the tattoo thing what do I know maybe they maybe they can cut out of an area where the guys just reaching under the plexiglass and do that I've I have no idea I would recommend getting a tattoo now wait and I don't want to put people out of work if you can figure out how to do it safely are you well I was gonna say we'll send Linda she'll go get a tattoo for everybody all my god never never now you know you don't do you want to hear the mean side of me is that my dad would kill me if I did that no I just told my kids I just burn it off yeah I'm like no that's not happening all right let's get tore it and by the way that the Bakul New York New Jersey Pennsylvania Michigan literally the single dumbest decisions in this entire pandemic and then in New York it gets worse because the governor sneaks into a budget bill legal protections so that hospitals and nursing homes a donated a million Bucks to him in twenty eighteen they can't get sued as a result of what happened here well putting Colbert nineteen patients in a nursing home was a bad idea from the get go all right let's go to the gym is in Illinois Jim hi how are you glad you called Sir John I'm just so upset this governor called Cuomo's absolutely call for the death of those people that he sent to these the nursing homes and the nursing home people the innocent citizens that were living there thinking that there are guys in your head some of normal life in their final days and then this guy so this is the all the days of he's just so any money so full of it is full of crap trying to blame the president who's who's done everything bent over backwards to enable these to give both of these governors including him every tool kit available and he bypasses that system incentives instead of sending him to the facilities provided by our president he sent them to these nursing homes by the by his mandate it was not yet no no first is blaming the nursing homes that is all pattern of excuses here he lashed out at the nursing homes it's all about money on my watch and then he said you are responsible for your own PP I'm Mike house I took my breath away because this is a guy that demanded everything from the federal government because he didn't listen it was own health task force and they had no ventilators in the city or in the state and they had two separate studies saying you're gonna need them and they didn't get them but trump made it work he got it done for them man the facilities built the hospitals it gave all the PP equipment I mean the biggest largest fastest medical mobilization in the history of mankind and thank god these manufacturers didn't shut down in the food supply chains that shut down a New York completely would have died it's unbelievable I'm so angry about it I thank you words can't describe it and it is it is beyond any comprehension I have that was the one constant that always made sense the elderly those with underlying conditions those with compromised immune systems are going to be the most vulnerable they were last word Jim yeah I know and then the and I'm right there with your shot and I I don't know who's going to hold him accountable he needs to be held accountable these people cannot keep sliding and getting them just by passing the Buck off those somebody in somebody else for political gain and and not having any consequences for their for murder it's a socially murder you know what he did unbelievable it's it's unreal then you got the situation a bit I can't even watch this video anymore it it upsets me so much that this was the I I cannot believe that this went on for between six and eight minutes it is full force knee head to the pavement no resisting handcuffed it's all over it was over when it started put him in the back of the car somebody stand up and say stop unbelievable I don't get it it drives me nuts all of the you know how frustrating all right let's go to Jim in Utah Jim how are you on veterans of ham radio greetings and so right now you're you're great the president's great Kaley is amazing so highlights wise there's a there's a way you know that your grade the president's Kaley is amazing okay keep going so if you want to hear a little stack going about Kayleigh McEnany led army rather she wants in turn on my TV show your amazing how that will that work for you a little later you should have no recovery Saudi Arabia is a real quick so what is the researchers in southern Utah does home care and hospice assisted living as a work for the state her sister is in the hospital administrator in southern Utah office they get one of the big hospitals the HMO down there asking my wife in the beginning of March when she got there like when should I worry once I get nervous I'll let you know let you know let you know March or April same thing may simply purchase is going nuts what's the shrink wrap the kids who grew up adoring kids shrink wrap.

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