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Going to help us inside out it really is going to revolutionise your body can find he's been doing this on on television you know it's such an interesting story because dr moseley win two he was trained to be a doctor at the royal free hospital in london and then he joined the bbc where he's become a wellknown television presenter he still doing that the new book is out it's called a clever gut diet cut sugar cravings boost your immune system lose weight naturally and that's what we want and welcome back okay so let's get right to it we only have a few moments with you on this show dr and it's always a pleasure so thank you very not really great rebagged what's the deal with all of the crap that were eating hit let's just cut right true abc who had a very good question the biggest problem is the fact that uh we do have down in our gut gutted by twenty feet long and i cooly clever got because he joined with brain cells in bed with many brain felt on in you got as you would find in the head of the cat and you brain talk to your main brave tool kid gut brain and vice versa and those kind of why we have these expressions like you know oh i'm going with my gut why he's got to be a brain but would have been increasing thing is that down there who like two to three pound the microbe rabat twenty putting in a fail him to be put down in you got through the equivalent of a way for a whole vibrant community of different high little creatures and until recently we had no idea what they were doing and now we understand we will come with them how important they are and appropriate to the they will y own being paid by wall we put in our mouths of what we can bring war either leftover we what makes it way through the previous 18 of intestine uh that is war they live on koa so beautifully if you'd be looking back via antibiotic that will have a pretty profound effect on them who down there among those files from different basically throw also one wage or cool by phone pace the.

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