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Uptick in our designer jewelry business from Sola wrong to tavon she that those smaller items are really picking up traction men are finding the smaller details for their lifestyle. Wardrobe so looking at different resources like that was valuable. Just listening to Devon winter from the fashion clinic talking to Monaco's fashion Edita, Jamie waters, and the exceptionally well-dressed PTO has just come into the studio because we have a tale of two cities to end the program these radically different cities, but both European capitals of culture in Bulgaria Plovdiv, the country's second largest city and renowned as one of the oldest settlements in Europe. In Italy does Mattera another ancient city, but a place of such extreme poverty that the Italian authorities actually removed its inhabitants after the second World War. And now the both opened a year long series of events as European capitals of culture. So what can they offer visitors and perhaps more to the point won't benefits will be in capital of culture, bring to the people who live in the places while I'm delighted to say that author and cultural commentator PTO is indeed here in studio on you fan of capitals of culture pater. I think it's sort of worked. I mean, there's a huge debate about it a big debate. Now, of course, now that we little British people out of the so when on eligible for it all of people who've been lining up for it and spending real money in real effort in the UK have now been told quite short notice that it's junked they can they can still apply for the British one. They apply for the European one said they feel rather sad about this. It's one of those incidental cooperative downsides of Brexit. I think capital of culture things sort of have worked in the the things I know about which the two big long established capitals of culture here which clause. Go and Liverpool. People say, well, it's it's sort of two. Early to judge about how but puts puts how into Sutton conversations that it wouldn't be in before naps. The point of these things that it puts towns and cities into conversations that I wouldn't have been on before knows conversations about one has his eye inward investment and about people to live there and often those two conversations related. I'm native of Liverpool. Go back to the city frequently and I know how positive and experience at ones for the people and Levin, I saw survey and something like eighty five percent of people this decade on with saying that they felt that the capital of culture had made that city at a place to live in the mayor of liberal said that the mayor of lovable talked about that morale thing, and he talked about the when because of his it to numbers were up. They serve the vistas. And I were. Rather impressed by small. None of the terrible t shirts came true in Liverpool. Power. In terms of the visitor experience. The same has happened to Glasgow the difficult bit is inevitably in this country and dealing with big cities in this country. And the whole the whole thing the politics of big cities in this country. People say, oh, it's an opportunity outside as to come in and identify and steal out treasures or it's an opportunity for polish people. The gentrification affect just the good. It's and leave the lives of ordinary people. Exactly the same. I'm what about a place like Mata, for example, talks about getting into conversations that it wouldn't have been in before. Now, a lot of people won't have heard of my attorney without fear of contraception as I used contraception. I had never heard of Mattera that's all the other one the very loved which. I've lived in Belgrade and and saying somebody should have heard. Never been out. I s w one me, but I'd never heard of those other cities. They must be pumped as Bogue area. Second city its population in the metro area about seven hundred thousand. Yeah. Matab on the other hand if your charitable about it, it's got sixty thousand people and it was actually evacuated in the decades following the second World War due to extreme poverty at now. It's not cool. So UNESCO world heritage site. I didn't. This is like a Malcolm Bradbury novel. Isn't it Iraq? It's sub is made the whole thing up some some retard novelist made up the story. I mean, does Mattera really exist? In homes, call that rock saw that people though. Coming out of the road of the rocks around the world heritage sites. Raise red city Hoffa's elders time is very weird..

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