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And lonely nights. I'm has Lynch in Los Angeles. And with me is special guest Karina Longworth high over in New York, we have as always Malir Shida. Guy. Hi, I'm so excited to have Corina on the show. It feels like it's been long overdue. Yes. Absolutely. And for those of you who do not know who have been living in a cave Creena hosts, you must remember this a really really great podcasts about Hollywood history and scandal and all sorts of juicy stuff that is it's on hiatus right now. Correct. But yeah, but if you haven't listened to it, you can go back and discover a whole wealth of podcast episodes past you should also read her books her newest one, I believe seduction sex lies and start him and Howard Hughes Hollywood. And it's amazing. So you should definitely get that. But yeah, I think you must remember this is definitely like night colleges, and we've all been big fans for a long time. So we're really happy to have green a here. Thank you. I'm happy to be here. I'm a fan of Nicole. Thank you. You. I'm so excited to talk about Radic thrillers. Yeah. It's like, I it's really it's really great. How much this series of ours has brought people out of the woodwork? Like, there are a lot of kind of secret enthusiasts. Who are like, oh, when are you going to do my like my favorite? We wanted to start off real quick just to acknowledge our new superstar the literally the black hole that was image die should say for the first time last week. So this is old news by the time. You're hearing this. But we just wanted to give it a little bit of out. Where were you? When you saw the black hole for the first time the black hole blip. Yeah. Where were you Karina? I think I was I had just turned on the shower, and I was waiting for it to heat up. And I was looking at it on my phone. Nice dangerous. I live way to this black hole has a name. And it's what has a couple names actually, just got a Hawaiian name. But it's it was originally an eighty seven star, you know, who Lara. It took me to realize that MED three the musical act slash band named after a star system. I it took me until I was today years old. Well, it's a really beautiful one. So he puts a good one. But and it's very appropriate. When you think about it because it's very galactic music like you feel very starry eyed when you're listening to I had no idea until like a year ago. So, but yeah, eighty-seven is the new the new hot galaxy in town. I know that there's been a little mini series coming out about it. And like the the the woman who actually was kind of spearheading the entire project to was kinda credited later on down the road. Of course, we tend to lose credit for our women in stem, and astronomy and stuff like that. But that was interesting. But I think like I like just reading what people felt seen for the first time, what kind of reactions did you see I missed this. I think Jezreel had a good post where it was just like they just opened up the comments and said Alice how you feel about the black hole. And of course, a lot of it is jokes. Like a lot of people had a lot of good jokes about the black hole. But I think I think it's interesting because it's something that, you know, you feel like you've seen zillion times because we've seen like re-creations of them inside movies, or, you know, in in a time life science book or something like that. Like, you you kinda know what a black hole is supposed to look like. But actually seeing an actual one is very it is an interesting feeling. I I like it. I like I like to ponder the black hole. It kind of looks like an like an ultrasound image of an eyeball. Yeah. A little bit like all that kind of strata and the lake orangey kind of background. It's a little bit too much for me. I think we've we've now been talking about the ultra black holes on the floor, you know, and now black hole like there's been a whole. Rod cat aren't black holes. Molly's fear of whole. Yes. Little the little holes. After we finish the erotic thrillers..

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