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One thousand Katie okay welcome back to coast to coast with Dr heather Lynn the young gnocchi connection heather who were the anu gnocchi well isn't that the end million dollar question I think we under gnocchi is and this is where it gets a little different in my research it's gray there's no doubt about that yes and there's so many different characters if you well in this in this story and so right from my understanding and my research it seems as though there are just so many of these beauties that are units of callers say we just don't even know how many because some could still be out there that we've not discovered so knowing this and seeing all the many then tracing back how far they go and how different they are some of them are physical beings some of them are described as semi biological entities some of them are even describe his supernatural entities and all of those fall under this this label on your gnocchi and so what I what I tend to believe is that the honor gnocchi includes many different guys and many different deities throughout all of the different time and and over time I think that based on some of the tablets that I discussed in the book I think that the word on Inaki sort of turned into a label or position much later so just as we have the word lord and we would say that lord god or lord Jesus or whatever religion you may have this is that god but then we also have a landlord or you know what would that word has now become just that casual words so in a lot of different ways it seems as though the word honor gnocchi can mean very large range of these meetings some of which were clearly human beings they were off the king's but again some of those are also described clearly as supernatural beings and so they're all on the gnocchi sekarang ascension of course claims they came from a planet called Nibiru which is in our solar system but it goes way out on a thirty six hundred year elliptical orbit but that they are from that planet what do you think well I think that the question of never room is a little less straightforward than that you know Jesse he did think that the the question a different part of it a giant planet that would pass by earth every thirty six hundred years you know it the the references to neighboring in the Mesopotamian tablets are actually very very fragmentary at past and so it's it's really gives rise to many different possible interpretations and so it gets more complicated because astronomical association are factored in so these these planetesimals Giovanni also represent different sides and anything so you know act I'm really not sure after the research I've done that it would be a plan F. and and I cover you sound a little hesitant about I am hesitant to commit to it being an actual planet you know if you were to look at the word I'm never room and the newer Acadian spelling is N. E. B. E. R. year and that would mean to cross over or sometimes with an eyeing it means a fairy man which is interesting as in like when you may see if you're crossing over but if you break the word apart and this is just you know a curiosity if you really break the word apart and look at it separately the N. E. according to an older translation would mean a brazier or container for hot coals the it also meant strength or force and and this is coming from the university of Pennsylvania Cimmerian dictionary which is you know definitely scholarly available to everybody to look at could be and it would be easy meant to diminish or receive and then the R. I meant to lay down a caster throw down and so if you if you kind of you know just put all those together you could interpret never to Nina a forceful brazier diminishing as it's being thrown down which sounds a little wonky but if you think about it it it it really sounds like the actions of of media comet you know I I don't think if it falls on another dimension or you or you know a multiverse I I I really couldn't rule that out for sure I mean we have no way of knowing and that's something that I think is really important when you consider all of these different theories and rather than saying well this this person that the stronger that Ronnie Fieg when you consider what we're actually talking about in this time period and the very little information we have I I and and also considering how much the ancients knew that we don't give them credit for maybe they were aware of such things I mean they were aware of so many different technologies and sciences of course very complicated astronomy why couldn't thank I I I agree I think anything is open at this point your cover of the illustration of your book the ana gnocchi connection depicts what I would think is Adam and eve correct yes now Zacharias sicher and claims that the gnocchi genetically manipulated whatever species or entities were on our planet at the time enhance came Adam and eve what do you think of that theory well I think that the tax specifically say that the lord in this case forms man and so in my belief that we have here is a somewhat biblical story of card not the garden of Eden and not necessarily the history of of biological creation in that way from those particular tax so if you if you look at the narrative of the garden of Eden which pre date what we have in the Old Testament by a lot so there's there's very ancient tellings of this anime actually the oral tradition as well as in later got written down making it far older than we can even imagine to some extent but the formation of man is a really important concept there and so with formation it could be something more akin to civilizing if we look at the V. sort of a story that takes place the places even appears in the Kenya form tablets and translates into nearing to an uncultivated planes and with speakers of Adam the Hebrew Adama translate translates to ground in the word Adam in Hebrew literally means red which connected Adam to the red soil of the uncultivated planes and so you know it was this connection has sometimes been recognized as a reference to man being created from clay but that's something that is pretty well debated that currently even in religious scholarship and so into the little Stacy when you go into this because you're starting to challenge a lot of orthodoxies religious ideas and and you know if we can get people pretty upset but and in terms of how old the the people were created I I think that it's more of a semantic issue I can't say for certain that they were biologically created say and and like a lab coat speaker sort of science fiction type way which is how Zachariah Pretoria based kind of like that yeah and I think I think the the it would be more likely that it was done through careful genetic manipulation and selective breeding none the less it's incredible story isn't either I would absolutely is and and so much of it is so unknown still I mean I'm so surprised every day when I mean you know get a new class of students and and I I usually start going Ferland and saying how many are familiar with the Sumerians and at the very fast I get about five percent of the hands up in the air the young people today have no idea who this Americans are I take it a step further and I say what about the Egyptians and a lot of them don't even know about the Egyptian really realize there where the pyramids they're aware but a lot of them I I do these informal polls in the beginning so that I can kind of adjust my teaching to bath and to not assume that they know and I've asked many times with re familiar with king tut that's one that hardly anybody knows and I say what about television do you not see things on television the sort of blank stares like it's not their fault that they look at me like should we know it is something we need to now and I just think while the you know the public schooling has failed them and then they come to college and they have to be taught all these things that's an interesting take too so the honor daqui could they be demonic could they be the fallen angels you know in when I was researching my previous book evil archaeology I kept coming up to that more and more every time I would see that there is a direct link between evil entities and demand and then these are not the sort of thighs I don't and then you got to bring the Bible in many have to bring the Bible into different religions and different ideas but you know you can do sort of a comparative analysis between a lot of different odds and ends you know deities and demons and and there's something very similar to all of them they have kind of a threat so for instance I don't think that they're all demons in the classical sense because the Sumerians had their own pantheon of demons but there is a little crossover so when you have Anke who is looked at in this to the Samarian there's like a a giver of information is very important god they but if you look at his story it really is similar to that of Prometheus it's similar to Lucifer of the gnostic face if you will and if it's like Loki to the Nordic and you have so many different ones and so in a way given that you know you could say that that could be a demon like influence given how we see Lucifer today as a demon though make it may not be in that traditional sense of demand like that a little creature or you know into for more fries animal or something like that so I think it's a little blurred but I I don't I don't think that they're unrelated and that's something that I think is really important and you know the more and more I looked into the subject about the others to different sort of life forms are otherworldly entities and the more I see a connection between what we may call demons but we may also call angels and things like aliens or even on do you think ancient wisdom is being suppressed I do I do I know that sounds very you know over the top or even conspiratorial not really not on the show good because I I do actually think that is the case if you remember the looting in the Iraqi museum that was something that was clearly plans that was three days they are own government came out and said that you know this had been done by somebody who knew what they were doing they came in and what they wanted they knew what they wanted they had a list and they went in with surgical precision president of QB precision and they took what they wanted many of which actually were worse the Merion tax if you can believe that almost five thousand of them were Sumerian tax so that's gonna be interesting in and of itself but we're living in a time where so much is being held back I mean you could look at the suppression and a number of ways one if you consider that most of the students to come into my class have no idea who the seminarians are that means that in public schools are not being told a lot of just basic important foundational information and then to on a different front you have the destruction of libraries and museums today just like the burning of the library Alexandria we've had that very thing happened you know in modern time with the burning of the national museum of Brazil can I go out of a limb here and say that do you believe the gnocchi are probably extraterrestrial your personal belief my personal belief is that how you can define them as extraterrestrial I have not that they would be necessarily the grains per se I mean I don't know if I go so far as to say that windows that type of extraterrestrial but I think we're looking at something maybe more out of this world and international out of this world that sort of thing all you may be right there where are they.

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