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Do as much during some deep sleep cycles. And for for me. I don't wake up as rested. If I say, you let's say like an edible that has some kind of in Indika, strain or something like that, which is pure CBD. So yeah, because what I've been finding is if I wake up at like, let's say one AM and my crap I'm going to be awake all night. Now, you know, try to down a little bit of tincture. And then I might pass out. Of course, the problem is it takes two hours to take active Asian to take affect but I wake up, and I feel like okay. I know that I just woke up, but I don't feel like that morning. Like, oh, yeah. Good. Let's do the day. I feel like I know I was asleep. But I don't necessarily feel like I was asleep. That is very common CBD with CBD. A lot of times. You will you'll wake up you'll be well rested. But it takes like ten fifteen minutes shake things off kind somewhere to melatonin like take a bunch of melatonin. You get a pretty good night's sleep. But it takes. A little while when you wake up to really kinda get going. I guess my question is does that affect your health negatively during the day or am? I just groggy because I had a little bit of substance CBD during the the evening, or is this like, hey, if you do this all the time, you're feeling rested. Because you actually are less rested. You actually are rested. You're just a little bit Krog. It takes a while to to shake it off. I think it has to do with the Endo cannabinoid system. And the fact that it takes a little while. And there are things you can do to increase wakefulness. I was actually going to tell you about this because I know I like to geek out sometimes when like ways to stimulate the body, and I think I have discovered the ultimate mix to really turn on the brain. During the day I've experimented with a lot of different neutral picks of smart drugs. But hear me out on this one. What you do is, you know, very very common like like before like, adding coconut oil or butter or anything like that to your to your coffee or your t g was very popular. It's like an iron medic. Recipe like thousands of years ago. This idea of putting g in two coffee or into tea and blending it. And you know, barring from other elements of kind of ancient wisdom and the Nutro pick world and also this guy named pulse. Tam it's who's like a mushroom rush from the manga. What I do is. When when I when I wake up, I'm usually fasting for a while. And I do a little bit black coffee. But then kind of for my second beverage of the day after I've done like my fasted morning, workout and all that jazz. What I've been doing is about a teaspoon to a full tablespoon of gay. And then I put a couple packets of that forcing Matic lion's mane extract into the neutral along with the ghee, I do a little bit of salt because it seems to kinda like make it make it more flavorful like little bit of Celtic salt or really good salt. And then I do a very small amount of Silla Simon like zero point one zero point two grams like like barely perceptible amount. But, you know, this is something pulse. Dammit says there's a little bit of a synergism between the lion's mane and the suicide, and and the final thing that I put in even though pulse. Damn it's recommends like niacin or or a flushing type of calm. Pound. Well, ca cow and Cal flannels are those are those are notoriously good for like visa dilation opening up arteries. So I have this t Tucker max, right, of course. Yeah. So Tucker max was talking to me at this conference. And he told me doesn't drink coffee, but he drinks cow tea in the morning wasn't there for this conversation. You might actually you might have been might have been table. So bought this this Mike Akao that he told me about and I put about a tablespoon of that in with the the lion's mane the suicide in in the salt, and then just to make it taste good. Put a little bit of stevia in there. And then I blend that up and holy cow..

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