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We get it on. What do you think, man? Absolutely love. Take care. Guys on the twist is we use our sons as judges. Oh, and they and their job is to rip us apart. Both of us like Joey and Xander Mice, Okay, have to read. Both of us apart, You know, beat me and on rag on us because no one could do it like they could. What do you think I'm in? I'm in. All right. It's punch out Part 10. What if that was over? That could be a part. Okay? That could be a part of the punch out. You do the smoking all day out in front of robots Arena and then the main event you've got. You've got your son's in the ring trying it. And being on they punch us al verbally. I think you're onto something at the needs Some work. I mean, and adding brisket to the mix. We just enhance the experience for everybody who could take already successful. Punch out Amy throwing brisket, everybody who doesn't have a good time at that. All right. Thanks a lot for listening today. Appreciate it. So brother Kevin and his show up next Thanks to Joy Flash, Michael Rotunda and John setting, you will see tomorrow to drew Carob, a live 102.5 Bone and now another bone traffic update from the same touch Security traffic center Watch outfor, a Pinellas County accident along, Keane wrote at Bel Air. You may encounter some delays as a result of that one and early Erector, the north of Tarpon Springs along north bound US 19 of the merge with alternate 19 should just about be wrapped up. In Tampa and early erected along North out I to 75. Approaching Howard. Armenia has now been cleared. We're seeing typical volume along all the interstate systems. The ongoing road work continues along Gandhi Boulevard from the east. End of the bridge to Dale Mabry. The big bridges themselves are all doing fairly well for this time of the afternoon. I'm Jim with ways traffic on.

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