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Can we get around for jaw and we're back with our final and favorite part of the show it's where we decide what we don't like this week in pop culture it's called keep it louis why don't you go i keep it to anne hathaway haters how real keep it yes you think that doesn't exist if you on the internet let me teach you about the internet sometimes sweetie this just a roundabout way for you to talk about anne hathaway at how much you love her we guess you've got it all right what would be worse than positively i would just hate that did you guys see ocean's eight yet it is came out they've been at this you guys have been here right snuck it on thursday night as i did starting thursday let me say something about this movie it is a little slow it is not as dynamic as i wanted to be and yet it is a showcase for how fucking funny in hathaway is i feel like she's always somebody who were were saying kind of needs a comeback like we got so sick of her after she won her oscar we thought she was so annoying and she has literally never been bad in a movie she looks ravishing she's got comedic chops and guys you are fooling yourselves if you think she is not as good as maryland delaware's product she is amazing in that movie also so i just want to say can we retire this fucking two thousand eleven take that somehow she is unworthy of being this rad movie star who does have an oscar it's just a supporting get over it congrats anne hathaway.

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