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6 80 W. C. B s with high pressure off East Coast. We will continue with that very muggy suddenly flow that will lead to daily chance for showers and storms all week. Watch out for the heated next Be easy Upwards one Oh 2 to 1 of four for your Monday afternoon. Partly cloudy and muddy low mid seventies mostly sunny, hot and human Monday as we head through the afternoon. Some scattered showers and storms are brewing high temperatures mid nineties scene that's as high as 14 will do it again on Tuesday, would scatter Afghan storms high low now. I'm Todd Boric Boiler shell for talk radio 6 80 Wcbm, Somebody nine in the city 75 in Catonsville and it's 74 Your lady's Maryland News headlines. Maryland State Police are looking for whomever is responsible for firing shots and a tractor chair on the capital Beltway. The answer was reported early Sunday morning there. Richie Marlboro Road. Troopers are seeking a silver sedan in connection to that shooting, and authorities in southern Maryland searching for clues following a Possible road rage incident involving gunfire. It's all unfolding yesterday afternoon when a driver was changing lanes in P G. County had to suddenly slam on the brakes that upset another driver who sped up before opening fire on the car. Steve Police say the victim, his wife and two daughters were not hurt or struck by gunfire. They're looking for a silver Honda Civic with Maryland. Temporary tags in connection with the shooting. Domestic incidents endured a deadly trooper involved shooting insists in Cecil County. Rather state police were assisting the Cecil County Sheriff's office yesterday afternoon when two troopers in the sheriff's deputy made their way inside the apartment to find two men fighting. That's when somebody opened fire on the deputy and a trooper returned fire, striking and killing a 24 year old man. More money now being offered for information surrounding the shooting death of a Navy midshipman's mother, 57 year old Michelle Cummings was hit by a stray bullet. While she was sitting in the party of a hotel late last month. Police call the Annapolis police with anything you might know surrounding this shooting sports and lottery numbers. Next. You've got a house. Now let's work together to make it a home. You've always dreamed of Peak customer modeling can transform the look and feel of your home and make it a place you're proud.

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