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They will take days to get back to you and may never get back to you. They just they're not good at it. And so i think unless this guy's always on instagram and facebook and all this stuff i'm guessing he's not i think it's probably fine and you're maybe looking for problems that are really there. i think. Just take it easy and relax. And i think it's going to be okay. Well let me ask you this mark because you say i'm assuming the guys that you're talking about are your friends right. Yeah okay. Do you text your wife differently than you. Text your friends for example if your wife reached out would you respond quicker than if a friend reached out. Yes that's my point. I think that if she's reaching out and he's not responding then maybe he isn't as into her as she's hoping interesting. I think i'm good texter. Though is just a little bit intimidated by this phone. In their pocket is kind of a weird thing. I i think unless there are other problems that i think everything's okay but i mean you make a point jerry for sure eastern with your take on this. I feel like you've got some some good input here. I think even with technology barriers. I think that if someone's do they will send a carrier pigeon to get in touch with you like they will do whatever they can do. So i i would be concerned but also come on newly single just just live. It get tried to get out of your head. I know it's a hard thing to do. But i don't know i think that's great advice. No i agree anonymous. You know. I don't think it because you are newly single and and don't put too much stress on finding relationship that quickly. I agree with houston. But i do agree like your new. Newly single your forty or smoking hot like play the field a little bit you know. Go on go on a day to day for a couple of weeks maybe just get them. Wind up figure it all out. Remember that woman that went on one hundred dates not one hundred days but like one hundred. She went on a hundred dates. So maybe anonymous. Hey there you go nice little challenge for yourself. You got the next year so anonymous. Maybe this time next year you can email back on the podcast. Because obviously we'll still airing because we're thriving and you can give us an update on whether you went on one hundred dates in one year. Well that's the big thing too. It's important for you to get texts back in a timely manner. Then that guys probably not for you because even if he's great for you even if you guys are great together whenever he doesn't text you back it's not going to be something that you're fulfilled west so yeah just go more date. I think that's a pretty simple solution. Bought a being bought a boom. Do it for this week's episode. What do you think what do you think. Houston i one thing. Just one quick thing to bring up sira at the end here. so You guys might know that in twenty nineteen. I was the caramel. Corn princess for arclight cinemas. Remember very big deal for me and cinema. Says no more but i haven't been gained. I regained my crown There's a popcorn company called. Thank you popcorn. They're very cool. They'd be like flavored popcorn. And they've named me the 2021 carmel chrome princess and the design my own flavor. I have my own corn. It's called the carmo. Coon princess mix and it's caramel corner with eminem's mix in. Which is what. I do and i go to the movies and i'm really excited about it and you can get it right now and the cool part about it is that if you buy this All the proceeds go to a charity called shoes that fit and it gets Shoes for kids for school..

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