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Hello. We need some nicknames for you guys out there listeners. How can I better introduce Jeremy Shaw on poorly for us descriptors? Can can we put in, you know, the the purveyor of pinball, Jeremy Williams, that's good. I like that a little ration-. Yeah. The Sultan of science. Oh, that's nice. But I'm well. I suspect they're just going to call me, basically diet coke. Ninety percent diet. Coke aspertain shore. Hurry. Well. Welcome back. It's been. It's been not the same. Without you as true. Sure, we missed you. I really enjoy listening to back in. I always love hearing. Patrick's tales from CS. It makes me never want to go to see every time. But I do like hearing his perspective on all this stuff. And I couldn't be less interested in buying a role TV. Now, I know I was a little surprised to that was thing. He was most excited by was the role. Tv it's from a tech perspective. It's kind of future Ristic. But from a utilitarian perspective totally now, it's super interesting tech. But not not for me at this point. This is one of my favorite weeks of the year to lead up to the soup. That's right. That's right. When is that the sports ball and all sports ball Sunday is Sunday, February third the NHL all-star game was in San Jose. You must have all taken part in the festivities over. Especially while Oko. Yeah. No, I'm going to stop trying with the sports in these two. How have you been how will your pass weekends or anything fun watching movies out your family's tell me of the things that I can do? I don't know, man. What did you? What did you do? I waited for a baby to poop. That's it. That's it. That's it waiting waiting for go. I I'm trying to catch up on the Oscar picks of the Oscar movies, which honestly, I vent found a movie, I've really enjoyed I watched Roma which I liked, but I didn't love, and I think a lot of people are saying, that's that's sort of a leading contender. I really want to get out and see the favorite. My wife's I said that was sort of a favorite of the bunch and I watch Black Panther again. It's on Netflix. You know, Oscar numb, you know. There was an early screening for the LEGO movie. Yeah. It was this this past weekend. It was like what two or three weeks ahead of time. And it was nationwide. Like anybody could have gone I saw review pop up online as do you? Do that must have been special invite anybody can sign up for these. So I looked into it. I'm seeing how to train your dragon three three weeks early. Whoa. Yeah. This weekend is with the theater or special fandango, man. You just go to funding. It's like showing it every bay area theatre one for once at three pm is a free or Saturday..

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