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You will face a $5000 fine for every single violation The status saying that vaccination should be a personal choice one that's based upon individual health Tropical storm Nicholas nothing huge amounts of rain along the Gulf Coast some of the heaviest rain falling across the upper Texas coast and parts of Louisiana the storm made landfall early this morning near Freeport Texas where Maria Reyes was telling KTRK that it's a real mess The house of property the cars We're unfortunate There's trees all over it all the way down We're just getting gas for the generators right now President Biden heading to Colorado today correspondent Jennifer King says it's part of a two day swing by the president through western states Biden is pitching his massive domestic spending package You'll be visiting the national renewable energy laboratory in golden Colorado After wildfire briefings in Idaho and a tour of the massive Calder fire threatening Lake Tahoe in California the president spoke at a campaign rally for California government Philadelphia's a.m. 9 90 the answer is on panshi clowns it'll be warm and humid if it hazy today I 89 hardly probably more man human delightful 72 Sunny breezy hot and human tomorrow of a high at 95 inhuman thunderstorm in the afternoon for Thursday a high Thursday at 80 Fine with confidence download the redesigned AccuWeather app today I'm Steve Williams for Philadelphia's a.m. 9 90 the answer at 9 90 the answer dot com Hi I am Julie Whitman Klein the producer of the Trinity health freedom.

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