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Respect. Please drink responsibly. Tonight's game is in the books, but we're not done talking about it. Just yet. The weekend show right here on the Florida Panthers radio network. That offensive the game the heat of the game. And look at what's next for the cats. Panthers. Appalling this evening at BBN t center by a score of four to three overtime Chris winning hand up here in the radio booth the center alongside Doug Blake ins and Bill Lindsay Panthers. Going to overtime with the blue jackets with just eighteen seconds in Seth Jones with the winning goal after Columbus won the opening faceoff took a right down and scored in less than twenty seconds into the overtime frame with tonight's three stars and more reaction to the Panthers dropping tonight. The columbus. Blue jackets by score four goals to three years took Lakers. Thanks very much. Chris tonight the Panthers they get that late goal. They tie it up late in regulation time, they guaranteed themselves. One point in this one, but weren't able to get the second point set Jones, very quickly in overtime kits that overtime winner. And that's our segue into the JetBlue three stars JetBlue you above all Sergei. But Brodsky the winning goaltender for Columbus. Was the number three star Brandon dubinsky. The number two star four Columbus. And he was instrumental in some ways that don't necessarily stop shouldn't show up on the scoresheet tonight and set Jones number one star with that overtime winner. Those your jet blue three starship Louis above all the records after this. One Panthers record moves to seventeen sixteen and seven up to forty one point eight six and five at home on blue jackets are now twenty four fourteen and three up to fifty one points on the campaign there thirteen six and one on the road. Blue jackets pretty tough road team on the year. One of those teams with a better road record than home record are the blue jackets, but tonight important that the Panthers were able to get one point out of this one. By tying it up late in the action. But Columbus able to get the second one those extra points are critical. Gotta to find a way the Panthers they were there. But got that late goal by blood panther start. Give up the first goal again. Get two goals lead to two one. After that first period. The second period didn't generate enough. They kind of setback did get a lot of scoring chances. Didn't get a chance to add to that lead. Anderson tied it up that and then he had that Davinci gold four on four. But paddled back found a way got gotta point it's disappointing. But you just gotta keep scrapping coin. At this time of year. See where? The Panthers all James armor. I thought was really good in this game. But Broschi at the other end was one of the stars awkward on that third goal by equa. But for the most part these are games late in the season that you gotta find to go your way these one goal games. Columbus comes into this game. Ten two and three now eleven two and three in one goal games that is fifth best in the fourth best in the NHL. So they've been able to find a way to win these close games where the Panthers on the other side that have struggled in the game. So as we go on into the second half of the season that has to be able to turn in the Panthers favor. Four three the final tonight and overtime for the Panthers. Next up. It's going to be the start of the five game road trip seven o'clock Tuesday in Pittsburgh. So we'll be with you from the steel city at seven o'clock.

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