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Is like in a Twitter Tim Daniels reminds me that there are people who believe the whole universe is flat not just as a timber knowledge mentioned earlier in the hour about flat earth there's but at that Antarctica is a wall and the other planets have landscapes beyond that wall and all have their own ice walls all right and Hey Phil tower giving a shout out to grand rapids tonight along the coast to coast AM radio network standing by is Nick Caruso there's also a they also mentioned for you Nick on Twitter to let somebody sent me the covers of of your book to pass this along so thank you and believe it or not is the new one the definitive field guide to earth slimy creatures talking about possums because I just wouldn't have thought they would fit but you said it's really just the the front and the back at the end of the business end of apart right yeah yeah so when they feel threatened it's an involuntary response for them to to play dad and it's accompanied by you know frothing at the mouth so they secretive extra wine we go live that just walks up and then they also secrete this bottle smelling green secretion from their single glam so I mean who would only eat something right now all the awful life right so this theoretically of a a fox or you know wall for something more in the mood for some possum they come up to it they be like no thanks that's been dead for a while for I thought in your book other was interesting I didn't realize this that that possum females have jul reproductive tracks then that possum males are will be the way we would describe it bifurcated where they would like a like a plug into a wall the thing with into both of those reproductive tracts of the same time is that right yeah and it's one of my favorite units is that people thought that the male actually what her nostrils and she needed in your house they should have I guess they couldn't imagine a scenario where each their reproductive tract match I believe that's what my mom explained it during the talk but I don't remember my mind went blank so tell me what you're slime ratings like how did you determine slime ratings so this was all my fault there Danny ramie alley and I and we got together and and discuss no the characteristics of the flying is it are they producing this stuff all the time or the just during special scenarios so we kind of made a a list of everything and had criteria for how you rank them and it was it was a rather involved process so this was but it was a process between us here as we are right we most ourselves of the slime experts so over a couple of beers well virtual beard she was in the U. K. so this is all done online and are all we actually never met each other shot all up really we're still working on it one day but three books and you've never met note that so every day at least you face time or Skype let me do you know each other look like yeah yeah guy talked over Twitter and you know email and all that stuff so so I mean we we made it work there's a romantic comedy in that for somebody out there I'm telling you it so the but unlike the slime used creatures may be the ones that most of us don't know about maybe because they're in the deep sea and and the fact is the slime that is produced in nature tends to have a purpose right I mean it's not just they're doing it for sport or it's not that it has an evolutionary purpose yeah and and Quantic organisms have some type of flying to help them maneuver through the water more efficiently but then you also have the species like the hagfish that yeah when they when they get threatened they want to protect themselves they're gonna align themselves and everything around them so that they don't get eaten yeah and and they do this I've I've seen the bucket experiment thing where you put a bunch a heck fish in the bucket and then agitate them yeah it never gets old it's a thing how much it can expand yeah I saw that on TV you want to look like that is but then they're not the only ones because this summer what's the parchment worm is that what it's called all right Sir it's because that that's like when you're higher rated slime creatures yes so there are a warm there noticed how you learn there which means they have a lot of hair everyone's better but entered the room a lot of different species some of them will create kind of like a new get that and that's how they tracked through that floating by in making defeat everything that gets trapped in there this species that live in the deep sea that if they get attacked though actually make this vile and luminescent new case that they have shoot out on the predator and then the predator becomes visible and other things are more likely to eat that thing the great defense but you know I mean we you like knowledge obviously you do in the book that humans to a degree you know when we're ill we create various things like snot for example but that's not the norm for us right it's most primates don't do you they evolved out of the slime that was there ever a time in human evolutionary cycle where there is any archaeological suggestion that we were flying near in the past I don't know the answer to that I would but I would too after reading your book and like well but if the whole idea is to evade or deceive that's an interesting thing that we never develop that other animals do other and other for that matter other you know I mean like marsupials dead where they that's how they do but we never it didn't seem like we went through that phase other than like a bad cold and you don't eat somebody's at about is like I have a cold well I mean I don't want to eat you wanted it but yeah I'm not suggesting you but but if you were you would draw the line at somebody who's in that place and so but I like I like it like how about things that are well the things that are living but we wouldn't they're not by people or anything like like trees and corals and stuff like that yeah of coral and grey sedan pulls a slimy creature that they have a mucous covering on them so specially the species that live and titled areas were gonna you know during low tide they might be exposed so that mucus can help protect them from drying out and that's that's seen across a lot of different species that that's fine or mucus or some type of slimy covering can help species prevent water loss and that makes sense but then are there others that use that too is a way of are there any time are there any times that slime is used as not just a defense but an offense yeah yeah one of my favorites are velvet worms that they have leaves line can and on their face and it essentially acts like an untethered hose like if you ever tryna hold on for Black Flag go that's what it looks like and they shoot this flying the sticky thread on there for a and it just immobilize them completely and I can just you know go to go to town eating eating there immobilize straight amazing and hippos I was surprised to see hippos listed as a chapter on slimy creatures I wouldn't think of a hippo is slimy shiny but not slimy right yeah this is a great evolutionary adaptation so I'm gonna practices by saying you know don't go out rather have on your after explaining what they do because you might want to go do that so but hippos produce this tank sweat that is it helps protect them from infections so they you know have with a very aggressive so it actually helps them keep keep infection the way but it also helps them prevent UV damage because and so they will stay out in the African sun longer so it's it's pretty incredible and and you know it's not quite like ours it's got a little bit more flying to it which one sounds better there's there's sensually secreting sunscreen yeah don't rather have audio and well yeah but then to that so you're saying that even because as you mention their aggressive so when they get in those battles they scrape each other all the time and this is what keeps them from picking up more infections from from from water sources which may or may not be very clean that they're exactly right water spittle bugs the main facts that no feed off of plant sap and they make and their their their names which is between alarmingly the at all well actually kind of coop themselves in this phone dot sap and it's cannot hide them competitive that also doesn't taste good which is common theme in the book it's amazing how many times we came across and instead were the scientists who study the climbers like one minute feature and it's a fact yeah well it and there's a lot of things even just by the name of spittle bug I would want to taste I don't know why he would go I think I'll taste of spittle plug and see what happens but it would be either but so he he's also into you know so what are what are the most dangerous of the slimy creatures because like snakes are not slimy which we eat some people think of them as they are because they're kind of shiny again and they they are they looks you know when they move they come the gland light off of them as though they are but they're not so what's the most dangerous of the slimy assed creatures on on the planet I guess it depends on on who you are you know there there are some species of south American leeches that will actually live in the nose and miles of of mammals including US if you happen to go in the water yeah looks pretty terrible yeah really I think that's actually reaction I have reading any of your entries it's either the highest or hillock or you oh my god but so wire why would they be so dangerous the ones that are growing up our nose so just like any other legions they can they can draw blood from your body and you know if you have open open one so can always get infections as well and so the species that actually named after the trend of those racks because that of its large cheese for itself you an image of yeah really it's got to be incredibly painful I was I was thinking about Komodo dragons because they're they're saliva is toxic right so even if they even if they bite you if they get one good bite and they get some of your saliva is some of their saliva into your system you can run away but at some point that toxicity is going to catch up with you right yes and no so they do have a very vicious by age but they're miles aren't really filled with more bacteria than than another animal of miles really generally when things come to infection from Komodo Vikings because of how deep the wound is and they get infection from you know going into some dirty water or something like that so that was that was actually something that we tackled in our second book some of the common animal mess well I was surprised when you wrote about ghosts but then I thought about it really did I thought wow that's weird a ghost entry and believe it or not we're talking with co author Nick Crusoe but but ghosts because mostly because of the belief and ectoplasm that was popularized in Ghostbusters yeah and and and the the quintessential flying together Slimer yeah I think everyone has that that image of the of the of the ghost leading flying trails but you know people who have what next to go Sir or have a medium contacted ghost often there's this hello there this ectoplasm orders remains from the ghost and some sort of deception yeah say I did that was legit I thought that was just like that was part of the ruse FOR for calling added women okay generally yeah I I I have not come across the genuine instance of act outside some but if we did that beat that would speak to the question about human evolution of whether or not we every use whether we ever developed that because then we would develop slimy this after death that would be great yeah what what is your the there there were not that many creatures got your highest rating so which was your favorite of the highest rated climbers and then the least the lowest rated Slammers oh boy Hey Fisher up there which I already talked about so I in my in my research I call my day job I I studied salamanders.

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