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Sleeve it only no was about it in july two thousand and sixteen kim jong on with on a happy about china's work with us to slow north koreas development of nuclear weapons the north korean dictated all trying a quote a detected and in the and a leonard with elation i think old on the north korean people to rush china with the force of a nuclear store yeah the mad men of north korea kim jong one actually threatened china his protector and as well eyes with a nuclear store in other words just eight months ago controlling threatened turned with the very same duke's you've been universe construed group so but the vic and that he wants to aim at american cities which means that north koreas nuclear be dropped a dangerous to china and they are the united states not to mention a south korean japan so china if if trump knows about this and play with this right trying to might have a very good reason to join with this in a pre emptive military strike rather take north korea smith for a nuclear program only donald trump knows about it and this is going to happen sense to howard so keep your eyes on at howard blum thank you so much the twenty year old student at a connecticut university has died after choking durant a pancake eating contest on campus today's more than half of the western job savvy was newspapers seven disappeared since two thousand won with a large portion of the losses offset by employment gains that internet firm says well but the newspaper businesses slowly going away online shoppers rejoicing you pretty ass all finally deliver packages on saturday's their opening that up and they're gonna great six thousand new jobs by the into two thousand eighteen to do all of that when we're in brief bursts of cosmic radio waves of puzzled astronomers since so we're first detected ten years ago some suggested these.

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