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Workplace in taylor shot and killed somebody want to pontiac shot and killed somebody looking for people to kill in waterford finally he was arrested in a shootout with the police well that sterling heights man has officially been charged and he was arraigned here's wjr's elizabeth crenshaw forty five old very nice griffin went to three businesses into connie's last thursday carrying ak forty seven an killing a man midmorning in taylor and then traveling north of honey act where he killed another man in oakland county griffin was arraigned on first degree murder and gun charges in the death of a fifty eight year old panic man earlier to peres perez was shot an aluminum standing firm in pontiac in wayne county wayne county prosecutor kim worthy has charged griffin in connection with the fatal shooting of six year old keith kitchen eddie trucking company in taylor griffin has been charged with firstdegree murder carjacking armed robbery and carrying a felony firearm authorities say griffin lost his job eddie taylor trucking company in november elizabeth crenshaw wjr news what other candidate added drew the race to replace john conyers in congress of former state representative rashid or to leave announcing she's running to the uh seed to replace john conyers in congress you would become the first muslim m american woman elected to congress if she wins to lead joins a long democratic primary field and includes the city council president brenda jones state senator coleman young the second john conyers the third another conyers senator in conyers are also running the democratic activist michael gilmore an attorney a he's an unknown but he was the first one to a joined the list he's on top of the list he announced months and months ago that he was going to run against john conyers conyers resigned amid these sexual harassment and misconduct charges council president brenda jones has the support and endorsement of mayor mike duggan joe knollenberg has died knollenberg was a republican member of congress.

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