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Things that are like get to my insecurities. And i had just take a breather at say. It doesn't matter because whose opinion do you care about truthfully. It's my family. My friends i love. It is not a random person on the air at from member. Stay rounded in that reality. Till actually i understand that emotionally. I think it can be difficult especially when things are misinterpretations. If you are like that person on the other end might not matter but it can be a lot. You know you can be a lot. I'm sorry that for research for this podcast. You went into the trenches for joy to accurately did bill ryan feel bad that i sent you into the woes then again i cannot. I mean i guess. I can believe that people are still talking like that but It's it's interesting because to me. I remember the harshest commenters. We're all people that seemed of a similar type to me. And i always felt like my harshest online were projections from like super fans who like saw themselves in me and either wanted me to do better or whatever insecurities of them and then with you. It's like like you said some of these commenters obsessed with you and like the only way to take you down was you ought to try to feel like you were on their level. It's just. I mean we shouldn't even give them any more time. Probably not i do. I do i do think yeah really. Don't matter what was twenty minutes. I think i.

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