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On your home of the huskies komo news sam tom glasgow and check the latest on problems on 405 in renton another traffic issues straight ahead first though a group of teens facing murder charges now after throwing a rock from an overpass abc's adrian banker reports five michigan teens between the ages of fifteen and seventeen has been charged with second degree murder in the death of 32yearold kenny white after the teens through a rock at his car air the group allegedly playing a game called deeming tossing rocks over interstate seventy five in hopes to hear the dnc sound a rock makes when it strikes a piece of metal white a father of four was driving home from his construction job when he was struck through the windshield the six pound rock hitting him in the head killing him the still can't figure out what goes sue someone's head two two wanted just go out will throw stuff off the bridge four other cars were hit that day including india reads her tire was flattened why alive with a heart twenty rocks were found along the highway we have a family here was it was guys got it off the say he's got a child accidentally shot his way back from a hard day's work in it out of the blue comes iraq and lee loses his life so with white cion say tearfully describing how she had to tell her fiveyearold signed his father had been killed teams will be charge as adults and could face life in prison if convicted komo news time one fourteen down update on our komo aaa traffic every 10 minutes on the 4's once against prince arbogast and good news that earlier crash in renton northbound 405 appointed maple valley highway cleared of the roadway starting to see volume is building southbound 405 from fact tori is ahead of the kenneydell hell in rant and elsewhere though looking pretty good at the moment now through friday southbound northbound 167 offramp to south 84 street will be closed nightly on ten pm two five am.

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