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Baby he up dinsmore and shoal llp filed paperwork to withdraw as jane's council in her estranged husband. Tom gerardi's chapter seven bankruptcy case. The law firm claimed at notified our visits of its decision. No later than monday. Coincidentally the same day. The alarming documentary dropped while it is unclear. What exactly went wrong. The lawyer said in court documents that the quote relationship of trust and confidence that is essential to properly function to a properly functioning attorney. Client relationship has broken down and in the good faith assessment of council. The relationship is irreparable. Yeah i'd say so. The way that she talks with her friends on beverly hills makes me think that like that's how she talks with her lawyers like her lawyers being like all right. Erica you gotta you gotta give us the facts here. We if you want us to help you you gotta help us. We got to lay it all out. What did you do not know. And she's just like. I have nothing to say you know i. She's just not sharing enough where they're like. Hey trust and confidence. we'd we've lost it. We don't know which way is up anymore. Eric now no days on the show or numbered. because she's i. Don't think so. While i know but i think she's playing the i'm not gonna speak much card becau- and they're going to get sick of that and the i'm not gonna speak much but i have to be on the show and that's just not going to fly. You can't be on a show and give nothing all the time. It's a problem. Probably have to change. If she keeps wanting to get paid right. I could never be involved in some sort of scheme like this. Because i have to tell my friends everything. I have such a guilty conscience about not even things that i should be guilty about half to let my friends know what's going on true. If i was involved with a money fraud scheme. I will tell you. I soon as started. Like i would be like. Look listen to this shit. Look what i'm doing. It's i- props to her for keeping her mouth shut but also not props to her because she probably could have Ended up maybe in a better position in her life. If she didn't get involved in this. I feel like she's just saying the same thing to everyone would probably still saying the same thing to her lawyers like. No one knows the answers but him switched keeps saying on the show. So so it's and you're right you. Would you have to go like a theresa route where you're getting trouble but you fucking show every show everything every three so and look at her now. She's you having a good time. Yeah erica this. It's it's the difference in authenticity between people on the east coast and people on the west coast. And i hate to bring it up. South africa's thing she's never been a share right and i just i. I know people are gonna get offended about that. If you're from the west coast but i think people and we see it for new jersey verse. Beverly hills new jersey shore. Open your and honest. And they'll just tell you everything about their family and it's literally like i think about it. That's it's family ties. they're talking about. They're talking about family drama. That says deepest somebody get into your life whereas stars go right beverly hills. They're not saying a peop- yeah like it's just very overstate. They're much every they're much less willing to share their like actual real lives on beverly hills. They care so much about their image. So much more than some of the other staff city housewives and i think it just based on where they live. It's a small town hollywood. So something gets out like that. You're gonna our time yup so like you said last time we'll see what happens but this is just another part not having any lawyers not good. La rental la in la. Renta have another game of beat ria and fran presented by cores seltzer. Our favourite seltzer out. There summer is here and you can get the limited addition orange cream. 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