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Five for the Wildcats for their own thirty I circus trick there while. Smith looks over the saloon. the five nineteen for the game ten ten. maybe changing the player making sure everybody knows the play devil's real the play clock. Smith quick throw right side is made peddling marker down. penalty marker down the hatch made. sought by Bollman. the. stop made by Lamar Jackson over there the officials having a a conference. chop block offense number six and fifty two. let's see drinking Anderson Sam jury that puts the cats will change here. well the the you. this has some problems and pass protection it's very key the heavy ready back in there for past protection he did. it is totally illegal today's game. second down for the. go back to the fifteen yard line. to the left. your. still second season Whitacre I thought in the I think it was either will occur who jumped but a I give the reason that clap to help. the noise is has become the boat in college football. and. but that was the. twenty four please take a. pushes his way out to the fifteen yard line where it's going to be. third down a twenty. Kayla Tanner runs down for that's the kind of play tether specially when you're working in the wind. well for the game and facing third twenty for the fifty to really click field position yeah just came here for Drake Anderson an easel he's obviously a a more better player is also catching on the path to. protection of the use of. move to move across the fifteen across the twenty minute the twenty one yard line is driven back so we got six yards but it's fourth down the counselor for punch with three forty three to go yeah again the fumble recovery. right at least fumble the ball picked it up on the same place so we save the fumble but now they have a kick into the wind and you're going to see. a short feel by Nebraska Taylor brit the deep man for the Cornhuskers but not all that deep standing at the forty five yard line the corn Husker territory could be a to point. zone seven where they need to pick one gets to the.

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