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That somebody in the big kitchen local junior high would make and would come in a little aluminum trey and it was either cheese were sausage pizza fat is all that is all beginning for your sausage well yeah the way they gotta have some protein in their other than the cheese but i mean it was it was probably like no bigger than my phone ray here it was a piece of flat bread not pizza dough that would have been excluded exotic it was like flat bread and instead pizza sauce they taste like they put catch up on it and then she that's what we call a petaluma pizza that's exactly what it was stick day whereas the same thing is that bus leisten strips with miron ariza sounds good was pretty monteiro owner pizza wheels now that was on english muffins no english muffin pete oh yeah those are funded make i liked rvs daiwa arbi's day at my school critised cool did you go to it was a catholic school guys that was a risen rich schools herself it usually in third of the thorough zapped later on my parents you know took out a second mortgage to put me through that thank proud of you there are hundreds of el a unified school district campuses that are going to open tomorrow vegetarian chile is new as part of the districts meet lists monday's died is too bad beef tocci does.

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