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You on my discussion of by the school board meeting Ellie school board is are going to meet next Tuesday and it looks like it's gonna reject the first ever plan to rate schools all I yell and even though the state gathered as gathered lots of data on attendance and high school records on grades suspensions disciplinary action Aug all of that a socio economic levels of students the school board says now we're not going to rate schools because look at all the data you already have their except the data cannot be understood I mean it's so wonky it takes a statistician to go through it and they're saying that's that you know that's enough for you to do it well you've got other school board members even though that so it's it's going to be rejected saying wait a minute we have to rate schools and we have to let people know from a one to a fiber one to attend that in fact the school that they're choosing the school that their kids going into is a good bad indifferent school I'll tell you why because one of the things that schools now demand your request is that parents get involved in used to I mean there was a PTA parent teacher association that when I was a kid parents will go to but it was literally about cupcakes sales so they could raise money for after school programs today parents are heavily involved in schools and here's the problem as you rate schools the more parents are involved in schools the better the school that is usually well in lower set socioeconomic areas ethnic areas parents are as involved in schools as in white areas we've talked about this before or in areas where the it's there's a lot of money in the school system is doing very very well parishes get involved and so is it fair to rate schools all depends on the numbers that you use okay if you're talking about for example students to go to college do you rate that well that's not fair to ethnic lower socio economic schools because far fewer of those students go to college well how bout absenteeism well that's not fair because how many kids actually in here's one that's a heartbreaker have to take care of their brothers and sisters because of the broken home thank you find that in lower socio economic areas far more how many kids have tutors that help right to get a great point out well that's the rich sections where you can hire tutors so there used to be a rating system when my kids were just little tiny kids and they just were starting school and it was one two thousand and part of our a big part of it is how much the school improved in testing scores no math English and they would test the kids every year and we'll see how much improvement so there was a school down the street from us elementary school probably one of the best schools I would say in the country free school and the reason why is is that right it was all Korean kids the vast majority of those kids were Korean now Korean kids this is a culture it's just that simple it's the culture of the brighter than everybody else now do they do for hours of homework a night and then spend five hours a piano practice yes they do the parents demand it and the parents all get very heavily involved in the school and they demanded that kind of excellence in the teachers basically gave it to them because you're dealing with extraordinarily motivated our eyes yeah kids who are just doing everything they can to get his highest scores in the highest level of education they can't here's the problem right and I lived in that neighborhood and it was a school that we had the a what with the kids were about to start reading to kids out of there they were going to compete with that I mean they just work it's not the same culture so here's what happened with the grading and dot that's cool how that school did the grading it and now he is grade point average not as high because the the excellence was beyond what they expected a C. student would have gotten in AT any place else by the way there were no see students if they had to work an extra six hours on weekends they would okay so that one up in the air I then you're talking about the testing right in the testing math and English cetera was considered at one point I the improvement in testing was deemed a critical part of the rating system the ranking system of the school and so first year when they started this it was they were good this call went crazy nine eighty nine sixty out of a thousand I mean they do they these because goals record with some of the best prep schools in the United States this particular school LA unified one school the next year the number collapsed and you know why because schools that had a score of a hundred and then went to one fifty which is still miserable had a fifty percent increase the school that my kids did not go to because I wouldn't let them where do you go from nine sixty so they had no improvement therefore since the improvement grade was so high it actually the it dropped hundreds of points because there was no improvement and that's the problem how do you grade school what do you use one of the factors you use right the median income level right the E. R. the how how much the parents are involved in the school let's say inner city hi teachers who have any kind of seniority don't want to teach there so you get the book do you get the newbies who don't have the experience and are not as good simply because they don't have as much time invested in it I mean just go on and on and on and up comes a very difficult choice to make what's worse than coming up with some kind of a yelp system coming up with nothing so the parents have no idea what kind of school is involved or how high up the food chain the school is I can tell you it's a mess it is a mess so right now California is offering a dashboard actually and we can find out how schools are doing in test scores absenteeism and suspensions and the demographics of the school but what do you what do you get out of that well you it's it's a lot of work diving into that and it's not easy to understand all right coming up let's move over delivery drones right they're just starting their drones are here to deliver I at this point I think it's pharmaceuticals only so what happens when that huge jar of aspirin tablets falls on your head do you still a least you have aspirin there to deal with a headache but let's talk a little bit about what the future's going to bring in that no one really knows this is KFI AM six forty let's check in with Monica the man known as Hollywood Superman has died Christopher Dennis was known for dressing up as Superman on Hollywood Boulevard the alley pieces Dennis was found Saturday at his home in van Nuys he was fifty two years old Texas has executed a white supremacist gang member convicted of strangling a woman in two thousand two Justin hall was later charged with a second murder we apologize to both families just minutes before he was pronounced dead by lethal injection and the U. S. Senate has passed a bill making certain types of animal cruelty a federal felony the state unanimously passed the preventing animal cruelty toward tract is now headed to the president's desk we've got problems.

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