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Schultz and those for their isn't one endorsement donald trump there is definitely one no vote maybe two against donald trump but had any of them endorsed your guy evan pick mullen yet no one of the door seven yes where you holtby conditional yesterday in play are you work and those angles we've ever seen teams with a worse was a lot of strokes and a very senior level we've been we've been hearing that encouraged troubles cover stations what those folks and and frankly you know i think you think you've already seen that the outline of the hostility to donald trump with all those people oh absolutely i mean i know governor ronnie's hostilities deeper night the silenced out of texas is pretty profound and not putting a lot of credit indy yesterday's report about george h w bush because that was some off the record thing i'm really pennetta shape of cap lane kennedy townson because you know she just out a resigning get off the board you don't take advantage of off the record meetings with former president you just don't do that but tell me what it is yeah what is most promising about evans campaign and following it is a very serious man i don't i don't that you know when the presidency but i look forward to having him on often after the selection because it's a very serious got he is a very serious people to cup on that okay what's really surprised the most here is that there's the very rapid growth of attention he around home from folks that are coming out of organizing on their own a lot of the streak that we've been active in that we've got on the ballot what we're on the ballot now i don't right in the artistry one candidate i think in twenty four states.

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