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Strong and healthy and growing for the next generation. I think that's extremely important to everything that we do. And like I say, we always look at everything with a long term focus as opposed to what might be, you know, a short term when personally, I would say success to me is finding satisfaction in what I'm doing and feeling like I have an impact, whether it's on the company on the community or on the people that we work with inside the organization or customers outside of the organization. I feel like when they feel good about their job and good about where the company's going to me, I feel good that I'm doing my job, a thick. We didn't. We didn't collaborate on this to me and my interpretation of of success. And that's on a personal level. And it's it's an abstract sort of a philosophical view of it. It's completely satisfaction whether it's overcoming a challenge, whether it's seeing the reaction from a consumer who is just tried our brand or seeing the reaction from a consumer who has come to visit us for the first time in Pottsville, and they may have traveled a long way, and I think surrounding ourselves with with talented and trustworthy people is is completely key to in obtaining that success as an individual in and that in itself inspires open an open environment where there is a lot of collaboration, and when I sit in a room and I can see where we've come together as a group and collaborated on something and have made it work like I, I get extreme satisfaction out of that. It feels really good to know you have that support. And I think we're very lucky to, you know, to be a sixth generation family businesses, unbelievable. But you know, we're four women in the six generation and for our company, this is the first time the business will will go from father to daughters. So I think when you we look around and you see, you know, I get to work every day with my three sisters. That is that is very satisfying. What advice would you give to someone who wants to have a career like yours? Not necessarily in brewing, but just this type of Lega executive role. I would say, you know, if you're coming into a family business, I would say, you know, you absolutely have to roll up your sleeves and learn from the bottom up and earn earn respect along the way. I think that's extremely important. I think if you're coming into a family business outside experiences is extremely helpful as well. And I would say, you know, always persevered, don't let people, you know. Let you talk yourself out of something just always stay committed to what your end goal is and always have a plan. I think that was how we were raised though, too is, you know, just knowing our dads strong work ethic and going back to his days when he was running his beer distributorship. And you know, I, I remember as a as a child, he come home, he'd take his nap and I would ride back with them on the beer truck like bouncing up the road and and and just watching the looking back on it now and observing the the customers that came in and he then moved on and transition to a different beer distributorship. And he still get the same customers in and it was the relationships that were built. So it's it's working hard, establishing relationships and, and with that, I think comes success will make you so much. Thank you so much, Jennifer. Thank you for having us here. She had the opportunity. Thanks for listening to this is success from business insider. Our shows produced by Anna Mazarakis in Sarah Wyman dim Bobkov is our executive producer in, I'm rich Falloon before you go, we've got an extra look at what Jenin Wendy angling were into before they started making beer. We've, we all grew up the four of us participating in some sort of athletics. So I continued that through college and I still try and maintain some level of physical activity, whether it's running or whatever..

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