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It was absolutely beautiful had for your feet and I haven't seen my my teeth are then able to smile in nine years and it's it's really been a hard hard thing to accept I I used to model a long time ago okay so and I'm seventy one now but I can't even smile at my grandchildren and makes me very sad have you seen in the road just as he outlined everywhere I ended up long story short I had contends I had accu patch are going around just I went down to Johns Hopkins and I spoke to a micro surgeon thought maybe he could give the microsurgery on me yeah you have to back up a little bit my question was have you seen in a row just to have him track back where the nerve is affected you're not going to do microsurgery on your face or your skin to be able to correct what is further back in that nerves in your brain so line just doesn't go to your face and affect your muscles there it probably has affected your brain so there may be some if you were to do an MRI spect scan you know some evidence of effect on your brain which has followed that facial nerve you know creating that loss of tone we've seen patients that have no logic disorders including stroke that can't smile afterwards and for those we've done stem cell therapy where you're getting stem cells intravenously also through a nasal approach I need to see videos on the website specific to that where people have had brand new cells the stem cells become brain cells become heart lung liver kidney pancreas become nerve cells and have significant nerve repair in the brain so that the end result of that nerve as he travels to different parts of your body that function starts to be repaired and so it's not something just happening you know in your skin in those nerves it's happening likely in your brain and that's why the nerve pathway from your brain to your face has been affected I hate so the topical treatments that you've done wouldn't make any sense to do because it's not where the problem is what if somebody could give some nerve grafting but he did the call he told me the boy was at the barn and they would be so if you were to do an MRI of your brain or spec scan it says you have inflammation are some general process in your brain if you do some really unbearably expensive and potentially risky nerve grafting in your face and the problems in the brain you just spend a lot of time effort you know for nothing you have to understand the underlying cause so that's the first thing I'd recommend is having to memorize your brain done okay and the MRI you secondary test would be the spect scan to look at whether you have inflammation of vasculitis it cetera and then from there the only thing that would put new cells into your brain to get your brain to repair it to become new brain cells that would work like brand new brain cells of the stem cell if you look at the videos on my website doctor cal dot net there's an excellent video of a gentleman who had a stroke in twelve hours after the stroke the facial tightness and the spasm was going away he used to get botox injections into his neck because it was so tight me couldn't turn and when he went to see the neurologist for the botox he turned his head in the rods could figure out what was going on the neurologist was flabbergasted and called me thanks but Clinton what was done he had difficulty moving the song difficulty walking difficulty having you know just a normal flowing thought process another patient and that's the third video in the middle column another patient without Simonsson foot drop terrific results and you could see their patients tell their story MS and Parkinson's patients out of a wheelchair you know so this is been was supported by a lot of literature over many many years so repairing and making brand new cells is what you want to have happen to your brain so that the nervous and the cells in the nerves from your brain can communicate with your face after I'm on your website right now I know which video would that be I'm looking out at clear just mentioned that it's the middle column and the third video down okay stroke and the one next to it is a patient without summers in foot drop credit was able to run around chase after thought not a young man but he was able to the foot drop reversed he was able to function can also look at the third column I guess it's the one two three fourths video down look at the neurologic diseases Parkinson's MS and you'll see how disease is much worse than what you're going through have had dramatic improvement all what I said I didn't need an MRI of the brain and a sexy and scans yes the doctor do memorize your brain how you guys do it you know I haven't done more and we should have done where you are I'm sure your primary doctor can do that MRI of the brain first and depending upon what that says we may or may not need to do the spect scan and then there's also a great video to look at too first column on the left first video traumatic brain injury from a green beret yep yep okay so look at those things and certainly give us call the office would love to help you great thank you so much doctor thank you dear have a wonderful day five one six seven nine four zero four zero four okay the one eight hundred eight four A. W. A. B. C. call and now the way to the end the program let's go to John in Rutherford how are you doing dot great untuk I have a question Asia is it possible that stem cell therapy can help with severe knee damage or yes call the again yeah if you look at both videos on my website articles on my website stem cell therapy has been used extensively for joints and once we see an MRI and wear the wear and tear is typically using the stem directly into the joint can create significant repair and if you look at stem cell benefits on scholar dot Google you're talking about studies in the millions not just ten to twenty studies here there this is not something that just came along yesterday even the first research on stem cells as a hundred and fifty years ago when it was first coined a stem cell so yeah we use it for all the disorders that I mentioned before diabetes COPD MS Parkinson's stroke Alzheimer's so you can look at all the other website do you have an MRI if you need it at the yeah not rations like thirty five years ago and what they did was they took attended now they put it through that me and a couple screws but the other one is completely like I mean it's horrible I mean it when I get up in the morning and it it it clicks when I lift my knee up and I mean that we've seen a lot we've seen car accident you know injuries and such but when you do or don't have M. arise for both I have for the right enough of the left I would get a lefty MRI and certainly we want to be able to see exactly what we're dealing with and then we can give you better better idea but yes stem cells are the best mechanism of repair because the your cells and they keep dividing and dividing over a long time and they create brand new cells of that damage tissue right right now at that is far as time like after the procedures done how long like you see results everybody's different we've had Parkinson's patients tell us they got results within a day or two they had better vision and sense of smell and they were out of a wheelchair in a month we have MS patients similarly out of a wheelchair in a month we have diabetic patients for their blood sugars are declining over three to four weeks so the yourselves from your body no chemical no drug I know real risk is that your cells but you have to give your body a little time for it to create that repair so if you have a milder problem then it would repair faster but there's no day that I could guess as to what you would see in one right now that's why I pulled a video of the website I put the video is there so you can see people who are much worse you know have dramatic improvement yet not because the only reason I ask is because I mean I have all the issues I had shingles a few years ago I still have issues with my on my end and I will you want to get trimming system strong to be able to kill infection always I going forward but also stem cells can decrease the inflammatory cascade including lupus and rheumatoid so.

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